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Introducing EMQ X Cloud on Microsoft Azure

EMQ, the leader of open-source and cloud-native distributed MQTT broker for IoT, is pleased to announce that EMQ X Cloud is now available on Microsoft Azure.

HStreamDB 0.5 released - updates of this cloud-native distributed streaming database

In this release, we have upgraded the existing features. Also, we have provided many new features that are of great importance for developing applications via HStreamDB.

EMQ X Enterprise now supports the IoV GB/T32960 protocol

EMQ X Enterprise v4.2.3 adds the ability to access the IoV GB/T32960 protocol. This article will introduce how EMQ X can access GB/T32960 protocol devices.

MQTT X v1.4.2 released with script features

MQTT X v1.4.2 released with script features, automatically append a timestamp to Client ID and optimize some functions.

EMQ X Enterprise 4.2.2 is now available!

EMQ X enterprise 4.2.2 improves the usability of the LwM2M protocol. The rules engine can choose synchronous/asynchronous method to store data. Some resources provide batch enable switches.

Release Notes — Kuiper 0.9.1

Kuiper 0.9.1 provides a management console, which can be used for Kuiper node management, stream, rule and plugin visualize edit. It greatly improves the using experience.

Hamler 0.2 - OTP Behaviours with Type Classes

Hamler 0.2 will support most of Erlang's concurrent programming features, including Actor Model and OTP Behaviours.

Release Notes — Kuiper 0.9.0

Kuiper 0.9.0 includes the stream state management, KubeEdge device model adoption, EdgeX array type support and TDengine database sink support.

Release Notes — Kuiper 0.5.0

Kuiper 0.5.0 added count window which can be used for window analysis based on count, and more JSON functions support.

Hamler - Haskell-style functional programming language running on Erlang VM

Hamler is an open-source Haskell-style functional programming language running on Erlang VM, which is especially for 5G, IoT and edge computing.