DevOps Lead

DevOps Lead Europe

Join As: Employee (Sweden) or Consultant

At EMQ, we are building the future of IoT data infrastructure. Being the most popular open-source MQTT broker provider, we are also constantly challenging ourselves to go further and do better in supporting the open-source community by sharing our work, as well as supporting enterprise customers by supplying massive-scale and solid-stable solutions.

We are looking for a DevOps lead to join us as the first one in this role who will help us to build up an OPs team in Europe.

Who you are

  • With at least 2 years of proven working experience in DevOps or similar work.

  • A great team player, a quick learner.Solid understanding of Linux system, container technologies.

  • Proficient in bash and python scripting languages.Experienced in CI/CD tools such as terraform, ansible and such

  • Swedish resident if join as an employee in Stockholm site

What you will be doing

  • In general: help building cloud-native products

  • Advocate ops friendly development practices

  • Lead the thinking in cloud-native solutions

  • Develop Kubernetes operators

  • Develop terraform modules

  • Develop CI pipelines

  • Support users (community users and paid customers) with their deployments;

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