Sales Engineer

Sales Engineer North America, Europe

Join As: Employee (Sweden) or Consultant

At EMQ, we are building the future of IoT data infrastructure. Being the most popular open-source MQTT broker provider, we are also constantly challenging ourselves to go further and do better in supporting enterprise customers by supplying massive-scale and solid-stable solutions. Our stories are to be told, and knowledges to be shared for greater success of our customers.

We are looking for Sales Engineers to join us in North America, Europe. Sales engineer is a technical role which makes our customers success by transferring knowledges of EMQ products and solutions; adopting EMQ products and solutions both from ground up or into an existing tech stack. As a ‘front-line’ role, there will often be direct engagements with the customers.

What you will be doing

  1. Listening to and understanding EMQ customers' requirements;

  2. Spreading EMQ product knowledges, by providing training sessions and such;

  3. Proposing cost-effective technical solutions to help deployment and integration;

  4. Collaborating with EMQ's sales team by customer engagement and by serving as the voice of support during a business review;

  5. Collaborating with the R&D teams to track and solve technical issues;

  6. Using the knowledge of your customers' environments and use cases to influence the roadmap of EMQ's products;

  7. Helping customers avoid potential issues in the tech stack;

  8. Improving product documentation and authoring technical blog posts.

Who you are

  1. Have a bachelor’s degree or equivalent;

  2. With 5+ years related experience in sales engineer role or as a software developer;

  3. Have excellent communication skills;

  4. Experienced in diagnosing, reproducing, and resolving customer issues;

  5. Experienced in adopting cloud solutions such as deploying servers in AWS, Azure or GCP;

  6. Familiar with mainstream virtualization and containerization techniques (VMs on public cloud, Docker, Kubernetes, etc)

  7. Familiar with mainstream databases and distributed systems (e.g. MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redis, MongoDB, Kafka, etc)

  8. Swedish resident if join our Stockholm site as employee

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