SANY Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as SANY) is one of the leading companies in the global equipment manufacturing industry. It was founded in 1994 by SANY Group. Shanghai Rising Digital, Inc (hereinafter referred to as Rising Digital) was established in 2011. It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of SANY. It focuses on the R&D, manufacturing, sales and service of equipment electrical control system and industrial Internet of things platform. Its products and solutions are applied to more than 200,000 sets of equipment in more than 140 countries. It is the world's leading provider of Industry 4.0 embedded solutions.


Intelligent industrial transformation becomes a trend

In recent years, traditional manufacturing enterprises are facing unprecedented pressure of transformation and upgrading due to multiple factors such as changeable market demand and increasing labor costs. With the continuous maturity of cloud computing and big data technology, people begin to realize that the new industrial revolution with intelligent manufacturing as the core will become an important productivity to promote the development of traditional manufacturing enterprises. The Internet of things is the core of the realization of intelligent manufacturing.

Application layout under high throughput

Rising Digital is responsible for the production, design, data collection and distribution of all equipment controllers and displays of SANY, such as excavators and pile drivers. With the high throughput data, a complete application layout can help SANY to realize the visual control of project overview, remote control, fault diagnosis, positioning and tracking and alarm statistics in the Internet environment to complete the intelligent transformation.

Bottlenecks in massive data distribution

With the rapid increase of business volume, there is a bottleneck in the process of massive downstream data distribution. Rising Digital needs to seek transformation.


EMQX Enterprise not only provides Rising Digital with software-level tuning and more data access, but also helps the technical team further realize more powerful functions than the open source version through its own unique function of the rule engine:

  • When the data is not delivered, it will be directly stored in Cassandra
  • Add Buffer parameter setting, and remind to control the data delivery rate through the SQL configuration alarm reminder in the rule engine
  • Through the rule engine, a series of events-triggered messages such as device online and offline or packet loss can be completely transmitted, and the problem of inefficiency of WebHook can be solved
  • Realize different authentication methods for internal and external networks through different zones
  • Multi-language private TCP plug-in development

EMQX provides an overall data channel for the upstream and downstream data of Rising Digital to achieve a more unified and complete data collection and pushing service.

Real-time working condition pushing module

You can subscribe to the specific working condition information of a specific device on the App, and push it in real-time when there is an update.

Key customer working condition data pushing module

For the third party that subscribes to SANY equipment, it can push the working condition information of the relevant equipment to the client according to the ownership information of the equipment, and perform real-time statistics on the number of items and traffic accounting.

Operation and maintenance management

Group, registration management, subscription and publishing permission management, equipment online and offline management, and message pushing.

The introduction of EMQX Enterprise has solved the problems of poor message quality, high transmission delay, and untimely consumption that may exist in the distribution of large data volumes for Rising Digital. After rigorous pressure testing by the technical team, it realized multiple application scenarios of device-to-device and device-to-back-end messaging. At the same time, multi-tenant permissions were reasonably designed and managed to ensure the concurrency and real-time nature of uploading and delivering services.


EMQX Enterprise successfully helped to solve the following problems in the intelligent upgrade and transformation of Rising Digital:

  • The increase in the amount of southward data brings increased pressure on the distribution of northward data
  • The efficiency of deep business integration needs to be improved
  • The design of alarm control and flow control processing is difficult

In the context of the global economic ups and downs and the profound adjustment of the construction machinery industry, SANY has still achieved outstanding performance on excavators that has attracted the attention of the industry. It has been the only company in the industry that has sold more than 10,000 units. Behind this great achievement, Rising Digital has made great contributions.

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