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Free Trial Declaration Terms

To subscribe the free trial, you hereby agree the following:

If there is no connection for 5 consecutive days during your trial period, the trial deployment will be stopped automatically. However, your deployment instance will be retained through the Grace Period (as defined below). You need to start the deployment from the console manually in case you want to resume the trial.

Prior to the expiration of the trial period, we will send you an alert to notify you the upcoming trial expiration, if you decide to continue the deployment and subscribe our paid services after the expiration of the trial period, you must provide us your payment information to allow us to bill you after the trial period. In such case, the deployment will continue to run and be automatically billed on an hourly basis after the trial with the payment information you provided.

In the case you decide not to continue the deployment after the trial period and do not wish to use our paid service by not providing any payment information, the deployment initiated by you during the trial period will be deleted three (3) days after the trial period (the "Grace Period"). We will email you to remind of the deployment deletion before the end of the Grace Period. During the Grace Period, you can still provide your payment information and choose to continue the deployment to subscribe our paid subscriptions.

During the trial period, We offer 100 GB free traffic for each deployment. The deployment will be stopped automatically if the free traffic runs out.

If there is any change to the above terms, we will inform you by email. If you need any help during the trial, you can submit a ticket from console or email us to cloud-service@emqx.io.