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EMQX Cloud Service Level Agreement

EMQ will use commercially reasonable efforts to provide a Monthly Uptime Percentage of no less than 99.99% each billing month in connection with your use of the Service (the “Service Guarantee”). This Service Level Agreement (“SLA”) applies only to EMQX Cloud deployments at Professional edition, and does not apply to any other product offered by EMQ. If we do not achieve and maintain the Monthly Uptime Percentages set forth in the table below, then you may be eligible for a Service Credit.

Monthly Uptime Percentage Service Credit Percentage
Less than 99.99%, but equal to or greater than 99.00% 15%
Less than 99.00%, but equal to or greater than 95.00% 30%
Less than 95.00% 100%


"Monthly Service Fee" means the total charges paid by you for the Services in one billing month. For the upfront lump sum payment paid by you for the Service, the Monthly Service Fee equals the lump sum payment divided by the number of months of the Service covered by such payment.

"Monthly Uptime Percentage" means a percentage of Service availability calculated by reference to the following formula:



If you believe that the Service Guarantee in connection with your use of the Service is not met in any billing month, then you may file a claim for Service Credit with us. Your claim must include at least the following information:

  1. A detailed description of the incident, including the logs or messages for request failure documenting the errors and claimed outage;
  2. The date, time and duration of the Downtime;
  3. Information relating to the affected deployments, including the affected Deployment Names;
  4. Any other information that we reasonably ask you to provide to support your claim
  5. You must comply with your applicable EMQX Cloud service agreement, applicable EMQX Cloud documentation and any advice from our support team.


  1. Events that are outside our reasonable control, including any events of force majeure such as earthquakes, epidemic, downtime of the relevant submarine communication cables, failure of telecommunications infrastructure or systems, hacking, cyberattacks, riots, Acts of God, etc.;
  2. Events that result from any actions or inactions on your part in connection with your use of the Service;
  3. Events that arise out of your or any third parties' (not under our direct control) equipment, software, and/or technology;
  4. Events that result from your failure to adhere to any required configurations for the use of the Service;
  5. Events that result from your non-payment of any charges payable to us;
  6. Services, hardware, or software provided by a third party, such as cloud platform services on which EMQX Cloud runs;