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EMQX Cloud Value Added Service Agreement

You are welcome to visit the EMQX Cloud service platform (including but not limited to websites, WeChat public accounts, WeChat applet, APPs, cloud service platforms, etc., hereinafter collectively referred to as "EMQX Cloud Platform") operated by EMQ Technologies Incorporated, a Delaware corporation and its affiliates (hereinafter referred to as "EMQ","we", "us", or "our"), so that you can use the products and services we provide on the EMQX Cloud Platform.

By clicking "Accept" and "Next" you accept and acknowledge that you have read this EMQX Cloud Value Added Services Agreement (the "Agreement"). You represent and warrant that you have the authority to bind your business or organization (herein the "Customer") on whose behalf you accept this Agreement.

This Agreement is executed by and between Customer and EMQ .

If you do not agree to this Agreement, please click the "Decline" button and do not use the EMQX Cloud Value Added Services.

1. Scope of Service

With your consent, EMQX Cloud will provide you with the value added services your selected (the "Value-Added Services"), subject to your compliance of this Agreement.

2. Value Added Services Fees

(a)Customer shall pay EMQ service fees (the "Value Added Services Fees") for the Value Added Services subscribed under this Agreement pursuant to the fee schedule and payment terms set forth in https://docs.emqx.com/en/cloud/latest/vas/vas-price.html

(b)You hereby authorize EMQ and its payment processor to charge the Value Added Service Fees by using the payment information you provided us on the EMQX Cloud Platform. If such process of payment fails or you are in arrears due to any outstanding Value Added Service Fees owed to EMQ America, EMQ may terminate your subscription to the Value Added Services immediately and will not be liable to the Customer for the termination and any claims arising out of or in connection to the termination.

3. Reference Agreements

You hereby agree that your subscription and use of the Value Added Services are also subject to the following agreements and polices which are incorporated by reference into this Agreement: