MQTT 5.0 New Features

Master MQTT 5.0 features and start IoT application development quickly.

Maximum Packet Size

Allows the client and server to each specify the maximum packet length they support.

Reason Strings

Reason Strings is a string that indicates exactly why something happened.

Optional server function availability

Inform the client of the list of supported server-side features to prevent the client from using unsupported features.


Allow the server to send DISCONNECT packets to the client.

Will Delay Interval

This is used to specify a time delay in sending the will messages.

Server Keep Alive

Allows the server to specify the Server Keep Alive it wants the client to use.

Assigned Client Identifier

Allows the Broker to uniformly assign Client IDs to Clients

Server Reference

Allows the Broker to redirect the client to another Broker/Server.

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