Fully Managed & Great Observability

Pay As You Go

Scale up or down flexibly according to the size of the application. Pay as your business goes.

100% MQTT

100% compliant with MQTT v5.0 standards. Frictionless integration with all the MQTT clients.

40+ Data Integrations

Integrate with cloud services like AWS RDS or MSK(Kafka) using the SQL-based rule engine.

Up to 99.99% SLA

Provided with a 99.99% uptime SLA, you will get a firm platform that supports millions of client connections.

Built on EMQX

The Leader in MQTT Broker

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Countries and Regions
Connect IoT devices at massive scale

Connect IoT devices at massive scale

Reliably connect hundreds of millions of IoT devices to EMQX Cloud via the open standard IoT protocols MQTT, LwM2M, and CoAP. Ensure secured bidirectional communication with MQTT over TLS/SSL and X.509 certificates-based authentication.

Process IoT events in real-time

Process IoT events in real-time

Extract, Filter, Enrich, and Transform IoT events in real-time using the powerful built-in Rule Engine. Simplify your IoT application development and accelerate business delivery.

Integrate IoT data with Everything

Integrate IoT data with Everything

EMQX cloud provides out-of-the-box data bridges to various cloud services, including Confluent/Kafka, AWS RDS, MongoDB Atlas, InfluxDB Cloud, and enterprise systems such as Oracle and SAP cloud.

Run Anywhere without vendor lock-in

Run Anywhere without vendor lock-in

You don't need to worry about vendor lock-in with a unified MQTT cloud service across multi-cloud and regions. Just enjoy a consistent development experience with EMQX Cloud.

Plans & Pricing

We have a plan for every team, from a single IoT developer to a global industrial enterprise.



Access a scalable and secure serverless MQTT broker in seconds.

Starts at

  • 1 million session minutes per month

  • 1 GB of data traffic per month

  • 1 million rule actions per month

Sign up for free, no credit card required

  • Operates on a pay-as-you-go basis
  • Provides a free quota each month
  • Supports up to 1000 connections
  • Features data Integration capabilities
  • Enables automatic scaling to meet demand
  • Comes with global technical support (8 hours a day, 5 days a week)


Experience a fully managed MQTT broker within a dedicated cloud environment.

Starts at

$0.36 / hour
  • Enjoy an annual discount of 15%

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  • Available in multiple cloud regions worldwide
  • Offers flexible tier options
  • Includes VPC peering, NAT gateways, load balancing, and more
  • Provides out-of-box integration with over 40 cloud services
  • Comes with round-the-clock global technical support


Host EMQX Enterprise clusters on your own cloud, with full management provided by EMQX.

Custom Pricing

Please contact sales team for details

  • Tailor-made solutions to fit your needs
  • Ensures your data remains secure within your own environment
  • Offers flexible deployment options to suit various needs
  • Provides out-of-box integration with over 40 cloud services
  • Comes with round-the-clock global technical support



An Enterprise MQTT platform offering advanced features for superior availability and reliability.

Custom Pricing

Please contact sales team for details

  • Supports MQTT over QUIC for enhanced performance
  • Facilitates data integration with more than 40 enterprise systems
  • Provides an audit log and single sign-on (SSO) for improved security
  • Enables efficient file transfer capabilities
  • Includes a message codec for versatile data handling
  • Comes with round-the-clock global technical support

Don’t take our word for it

With a proven track record of successful MQTT deployments with 500+ global companies, EMQX is the go-to solution for handling mission-critical IoT applications in industries such as Connected Cars, Industrial IoT, Smart Devices, and more.

Grigory SStaff Software Engineer

"This is by far the most comprehensive MQTT broker that scales."

The most impressive thing about EMQX is the scale on which it can operate. It can handle hundreds of millions clients and does have a way to scale horizontally. Thanks to Erlang! Being a consultant, EMQX was one of the go to product when it comes to IoT and MQTT protocol. Using EMQX allowed companies to ensure that the backend is scalable enough to handle all the load anticipated.
Derek WIT Analyst

"Secure and versatile platform that facilitates connection of IoT devices"

In our company, it is necessary to maintain a communicative process at the height of our business processes, with EMQX we have achieved a fluid exchange of information through the use of IoT messaging. This is a platform that eliminates the possibility of data loss in the exchange processes. EMQX offers high security and performance in the data exchange process.
An EMQX UserMaintenance manager

"The ultimate solution for predictive maintenance and real time monitoring"

EMQX is a powerful tool for predictive maintenance and real-time monitoring. Its visualization features allow users to easily see and understand the data being collected, making it easier to identify potential issues and take proactive measures to prevent equipment failures. The smart alerts and notifications feature is also a valuable asset, as it allows users to receive timely updates on the status of their equipment, allowing them to respond quickly to any issues that may arise.

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