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Ops-Friendly & Great Observability

Massive Scale

Scale horizontally to 20+ nodes in a single cluster for 100M MQTT connections.

Business-Critical Reliability

Seamless continuity with distributed clustering, designed for high availability and fault tolerance.

Data Security

End-to-end data encryption and fine-grained access control to protect your data.

High Performance

Ingest and process millions of MQTT messages efficiently per second per node.

Low Latency

Guarantee sub-millisecond latency in message delivery with the soft real-time runtime.

Complete Observability

Monitoring, alerting, and advanced end-to-end analysis with real-time MQTT tracing.

The Leader in MQTT Broker

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Connect Any Device

Connect any device via the open standard protocols MQTT, HTTP, QUIC, and LwM2M/CoAP. Secure communication with TLS/SSL and X.509 certificates.

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Reliable Data Delivery

Guarantee fast and reliable data delivery even over unreliable networks with persistent sessions, offline message queues, and the data persistence layer.

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On-the-fly Data Transformation

Extract, filter, enrich and transform IoT data in real-time using the built-in SQL-based rule engine, schema registry, message codec, and browser-based flow editor.

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Enterprise Data Integration

Integrate IoT data seamlessly with over 40 cloud services and enterprise systems, including Kafka, AWS RDS, MongoDB, Oracle, SAP, and time series databases.

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Don’t take our word for it

With a proven track record of successful MQTT deployments with 500+ global companies, EMQX is the go-to solution for handling mission-critical IoT applications in industries such as Connected Cars, Industrial IoT, Smart Devices, and more.

Grigory SStaff Software Engineer

"This is by far the most comprehensive MQTT broker that scales."

The most impressive thing about EMQX is the scale on which it can operate. It can handle hundreds of millions clients and does have a way to scale horizontally. Thanks to Erlang! Being a consultant, EMQX was one of the go to product when it comes to IoT and MQTT protocol. Using EMQX allowed companies to ensure that the backend is scalable enough to handle all the load anticipated.
Derek WIT Analyst

"Secure and versatile platform that facilitates connection of IoT devices"

In our company, it is necessary to maintain a communicative process at the height of our business processes, with EMQX we have achieved a fluid exchange of information through the use of IoT messaging. This is a platform that eliminates the possibility of data loss in the exchange processes. EMQX offers high security and performance in the data exchange process.
An EMQX UserMaintenance manager

"The ultimate solution for predictive maintenance and real time monitoring"

EMQX is a powerful tool for predictive maintenance and real-time monitoring. Its visualization features allow users to easily see and understand the data being collected, making it easier to identify potential issues and take proactive measures to prevent equipment failures. The smart alerts and notifications feature is also a valuable asset, as it allows users to receive timely updates on the status of their equipment, allowing them to respond quickly to any issues that may arise.
EMQX is a leader in Message Queue (MQ) on G2
EMQX is a leader in Message Queue (MQ) on SourceForge
EMQX is a leader in Message Queue (MQ) on Slashdot

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