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MQTT Platform for Real-time Retail

Connect retailers and consumers in real-time. Empower retail transformation and enhance customer experience.

Real-Time Retail with MQTT Platform

Seamlessly connect terminals, shops, and enterprise data centers through a unified MQTT platform. Collect, process, and analyze operational data to unlock valuable business insights and elevate customer engagement.

Real-Time Retail with MQTT Platform

Why EMQX MQTT Platform for Retail

Unified Platform

EMQX is an all-in-one platform offering multi-protocol connectivity, scalable MQTT broker, rules engine, and real-time data processing capabilities.

Real-Time Communication

Utilizes MQTT for efficient data transmission in real-time, ideally suited for retail scenarios facing limited bandwidth and unpredictable network conditions.

Streamlined Data Processing

Extract, enrich, and transform real-time IoT data using the SQL-based rule engine.

Scalability and Reliability

Effortlessly connect millions of devices for large-scale applications. Ensure reliable data transfer between devices and the cloud without any loss of data.


EMQX offers advanced security features, including TLS/SSL encryption, authentication, and fine-grained access controls.

Seamless Integration

Seamlessly integrate with devices, databases, and cloud services, enabling efficient data storage, processing, and analytics.

MQTT Use Cases in the Retail Industry

Remote Device Management

MQTT facilitates remote management of IoT devices across multiple locations, allowing retailers to monitor and manage devices from a central platform.

Smart Stores

Collect data from chain store terminals and transmit it to the cloud for processing and analysis, enabling data-driven decisions in real-time.

Inventory Management

Track product movement and update inventory systems by connecting scanners to MQTT devices, enabling real-time monitoring and management of inventory levels.

Smart Shelf Monitoring

Track product availability, detect low stock or the need for restocking, and send automated notifications to store staff for prompt replenishment.

Customer Tracking and Analytics

Collect data from beacons or mobile apps to gain insight into customer behavior. Enhance store layout, optimize product placement, and deliver personalized offers.

Point-of-Sale (POS) Integration

Integrate your POS system with other retail applications using MQTT. Capture transaction data, monitor real-time sales, and synchronize with inventory systems.

Smart Restaurant

Streamline data collection and management of restaurant ordering devices, providing real-time operational insights and customer behavior analysis for personalized service.

Security and Surveillance

Detect and alert store personnel about suspicious activities or unauthorized access in retail stores in real time using MQTT-enabled cameras and sensors.