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Introducing NeuronEX: A Market-Driven Evolution for Industrial Data Landscape

Neuron Team
Dec 14, 2023
Introducing NeuronEX: A Market-Driven Evolution for Industrial Data Landscape

From Neuron to NeuronEX

As an industrial gateway, Neuron can convert various industrial protocols to MQTT. NeuronEX adds analytical features on top of Neuron, offering not only equipment data acquisition but also edge intelligent analysis, especially in the realm of AI/ML. In the ever-evolving field of industrial data management, the evolution from Neuron to NeuronEX is not just a technological leap, but a direct response to valuable customer feedback and real-world deployment and application experience.

NeuronEX Edge Architecture

NeuronEX, born from the crucible of real-world deployment and customer interactions, introduces a host of advanced capabilities, including streaming processing and data analysis. These enhancements address the dynamic requirements expressed by our customers, providing a solution that goes beyond Neuron gateway to offer real-time insights and intelligent decision-making capabilities at the edge.

NeuronEX Edge Architecture

NeuronEX Components

There are four basic components for NeuronEX: Data Collection, Data Analysis, Data Delivery, and Storage Service.

Data Collection

NeuronEX has a broad repertoire of industrial protocols tailored to meet the needs of different industrial scenarios. This facilitates real-time data collection and unified access to device data ranging from PLCs, CNC machines, robots, SCADA systems to smart sensors. NeuronEX's ability to seamlessly integrate with this range of protocols ensures that no data source is left untapped, providing comprehensive insight into industrial processes.

The following are the connectivity available now in NeuronEX,

  • Global Standards: OPC DA, OPC UA, Modbus
  • PLC Drivers: Siemens, Beckhoff, Allen-Bradley, Mitsubishi, Omron, Panasonic
  • Building Automation: KNX/IP, BACnet/IP
  • Electricity: IEC61850, IEC60870-104, DNP3
  • Fieldbus: EtherNet/IP, PROFINET NRT
  • SEMI standards for semiconductors: SECS/GEM HSMS
  • Petroleum Industry: Non-A11

Data Analysis

NeuronEX doesn't just collect data; it empowers users with robust data analysis capabilities. The platform supports User-Defined Functions, providing organizations with the flexibility to tailor analyses to their specific needs. Furthermore, NeuronEX seamlessly integrates with AI algorithms through various means such as plugins, HTTP and gRPC. This integration of artificial intelligence elevates data analysis to new heights, uncovering patterns and insights that drive innovation and efficiency.

Through the integration of eKuiper and TensorFlow Lite, users gain the capability to perform real-time AI analysis on streaming data using prebuilt TensorFlow models. TensorFlow Lite, a toolkit designed for running TensorFlow models on mobile, embedded, and IoT devices, facilitates on-device machine learning inference. This integration ensures low latency and a compact binary size, enabling efficient and effective AI processing within diverse computing environments.

The following are the uses of TensorFlow with NeuronEX.

  • Running AI Algorithms with Python Function Plugins
  • Running OpenVINO Algorithms with Python Function Plugin
  • Run TensorFlow Lite model with function plugin
  • Run TensorFlow Lite model with external function

Data Delivery

NeuronEX ensures that the value derived from data does not stay confined within the platform. With support for connecting to various industrial IoT platforms through protocols such as MQTT, SparkPlug, and WebSocket, NeuronEX facilitates efficient data delivery. This seamless integration with industrial IoT platforms ensures that insights generated by NeuronEX become actionable intelligence, influencing not just data management but also shaping the broader industrial landscape.

NeuronEX can forward the data through the standard IoT protocols.

  • MQTT
  • WebSockets

Most importantly, NeuronEX supports the following two industrial protocols.

These capabilities position NeuronEX as a flexible and interoperable solution, aligning with major tech platforms and ensuring efficient communication in diverse industrial environments.

Storage Service

NeuronEX sets a new standard in comprehensive data management with its cutting-edge Storage Service. This integral component further solidifies NeuronEX as the go-to Industrial Edge Data Hub, providing a secure, scalable, and efficient solution for storing and managing vast amounts of industrial data.

NeuronEX provides the following two connectors for data storage.

  • InfluxDB
  • Kafka

IT and OT Convergence with NeuronEX

In the realm of industrial data management, NeuronEX emerges as a trailblazer, not only for its advanced data processing capabilities but also for its seamless integration of Information Technology (IT) and Operational Technology (OT). Recognizing the transformative power of IT and OT convergence, NeuronEX bridges traditional silos, fostering collaboration to unlock a new era of efficiency, real-time decision-making, and holistic insights.

By unifying IT and OT data into a cohesive ecosystem, NeuronEX ensures a comprehensive view of business and industrial processes, harmonizing communication protocols, and fostering a collaborative culture. This convergence empowers organizations with real-time decision-making, enhanced efficiency, and a strategic advantage in technology adoption. NeuronEX is not just a platform; it's a catalyst for the synergistic future of industrial operations where the union of IT and OT propels organizations toward unparalleled success.


NeuronEX is emerging as a beacon of innovation in the industrial data landscape, offering a comprehensive suite of capabilities that redefine the way organizations integrate, process, analyze and deliver data. From multi-source data integration to streaming processing, data analytics and efficient data delivery, NeuronEX is the catalyst for a new era of industrial intelligence. With NeuronEX, you can embark on a journey to a future where your data becomes a strategic asset that drives your business to unprecedented levels of efficiency, agility, and competitiveness.

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