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NeuronEX - Industrial Edge Data Hub

Focusing on real-time access and intelligent analysis of industrial data to enable you to quickly gain business insights and improve operational efficiency and sustainability.

Rich Protocol Integration

Diverse industrial protocols cater to various industrial scenarios, enabling real-time data collection and unified access for equipment data such as PLCs, CNC machines, robots, Scada systems, and smart sensors.

Low-Latency Data Processing

Designed specifically for industrial fields, NeuronEX offers low-latency data access and processing, facilitating rapid data transmission between multiple systems for real-time monitoring and decision-making.

Lightweight and Flexible Deployment

NeuronEX is characterized by its lightweight design and low memory usage. It supports deployment on multiple CPU architectures and is compatible with Docker and Kubernetes.

Stream Processing and Analysis

With robust stream processing and analytical capabilities, NeuronEX enables functions like data filtering, cleaning, standardization, analytical inspections, and real-time alerts.

AI/ML Analysis

Supports user-defined function extensions and integration with AI algorithms, providing intelligent data analysis capabilities.

Platform Integration

Integrates data into local data centers, industrial IoT platforms, or cloud services using northbound methods such as MQTT, SparkplugB, HTTP, and more.


The integration of IT and OT enables data-driven intelligent decision-making.


Data Collection

Instantaneous collection and data writing for various industrial fieldbuses are available, with support for multi-driver high-frequency collection and seamless interconnectivity. The drivers are designed with modularity for easy protocol extensions.

Neuron Module 1
Neuron Module 2
Neuron Module 3
Neuron Module 4
Neuron Module 5
Neuron Module 6
Neuron Module 7
Neuron Module 8
Neuron Module 9
Neuron Module 10

Multi-Source Data Integration

Support for the integration and access of diverse data sources within the enterprise, including production management software such as MES/WMS/ERP, Enterprise Service Bus (ESB), databases, documents, and video, among others.

Streaming Processing

160+ built-in functions efficiently preprocess, standardize, and perform computational analysis on data through a rule engine.

Data Analysis

Support for User-Defined Function and integration of AI algorithms through various means such as plugins, HTTP, and gRPC.

Data Delivery

Support for connecting with various industrial IoT platforms through protocols such as MQTT, SparkPlugB, and WebSocket.