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Lightning-fast deployment

Get your MQTT service up and running in 5 seconds with a few clicks.

Hassle-free management

No overhead of infrastructure provisioning with the multi-tenancy architecture.

Pay as you go

Pay only by the number of connected devices and online time, unlock significant cost savings.

Free MQTT service

1M free session minutes each month, enough to keep 23 devices online 24x7 for 30 days.

Auto scaling

Scale on demand without any worries about server capacity or performance.

Secure and reliable

Designed with security and reliability in mind, your data safty is our priority.

Why Serverless MQTT Broker?

Managing and scaling your IoT infrastructure can be time-consuming and complex. That's why EMQX has made the easy-to-use Serverless MQTT offering.

Whether you’re just starting with IoT or need an elastic infrastructure, our Serverless plan with pay-as-you-go pricing is the perfect solution. You can achieve the scale and security you need for your IoT applications, without the burden of server management.

Sign up today and build your IoT messaging solution with ease.

Scenarios of Using Serverless MQTT Broker

Rapid prototyping

EMQX Serverless is an ideal solution for rapidly prototyping IoT applications and testing out new ideas without significant infrastructure investment.

Small and medium-sized businesses

For SMBs with limited resources to invest in server hardware or infrastructure, EMQX Serverless can help with a cold start.

Time-sensitive projects

EMQX Serverless allows you to quickly deploy a production-ready MQTT service in seconds, making it an excellent choice for time-sensitive projects.

Serverless MQTT Broker for Every Developer

Ideal for small businesses, startups, and individual developers.

Forever free

1 million session minutes each month

1 GB each month

1 million rule actions each month

Pay as you go

$2.00 per additional million session minutes

$0.15 per GB for traffic

$0.25 per additional million rule actions

Start with Serverless MQTT Broker for Free

  • 1M session minutes/month free forever

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