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MQTT Platform for Automotive

Driving the future of intelligent connected cars and software-defined vehicles with MQTT and IoT solutions.

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Four Trends in the Automotive Industry



There is a growing shift towards electric vehicles (EVs), driving innovation in battery technology, powertrain systems, and charging infrastructure.

Autonomous Driving

Autonomous Driving

Autonomous or self-driving cars represent a significant trend with the potential to revolutionize transportation, enhance safety and efficiency, and transform the driving experience.

Connectivity and IoT

Connectivity and IoT

Today’s vehicles are increasingly integrating IoT technology, connecting to the cloud and enabling real-time communication with mobile devices, data systems, and applications.

Software-Defined Vehicles

Software-Defined Vehicles

As cars become more connected and evolve with AI technologies, software increasingly drives vehicle functionality and performance, allowing for greater customization and adaptability.

In-Vehicle and V2X Communications with MQTT

EMQ offers the automotive industry a modern, proven, cutting-edge MQTT platform that unifies MQTT broker, rules engine, and stream processing. We pioneer MQTT over QUIC, the next-gen standard protocol for IoV messaging, serving over 50 automotive companies and connecting more than 10 million electric and traditional vehicles.

In-Vehicle and V2X Communications with MQTT

Why EMQX MQTT Platform for Automotive?

Unified Platform

EMQX is an all-in-one platform offering multi-protocol connectivity, scalable MQTT broker, rules engine, and real-time data processing capabilities.

Real-Time Communication

EMQX utilizes MQTT for efficient real-time data transmission, making it particularly well-suited for automotive scenarios with limited bandwidth and unpredictable network conditions.

Scalability and Reliability

Effortlessly connect millions of vehicles for large-scale automotive applications. Transfer data between vehicles and the cloud reliably with no data loss.


EMQX offers advanced security features, including TLS/SSL encryption, authentication, and access controls, to safeguard sensitive information in connected cars.


EMQX fully supports MQTT and 70+ industrial protocols, enabling interoperability with various devices, vehicles, and systems in the automotive industry.


EMQX offers real-time monitoring and analytics, allowing manufacturers and connected car providers to track vehicles, message traffic, and metrics in real time.

MQTT Use Cases in the Automotive Industry

Internet of Vehicles

Develop next-generation applications for intelligent connected cars, including TSP, FMS, OTA, DMS, and BMS, using a unified MQTT platform.

Real-Time Vehicle Tracking

Utilize MQTT to transfer data from GPS and other sensors within the vehicle to the cloud. Monitor vehicle location in real-time and track parameters such as speed, engine status, fuel level, etc.

Predictive Maintenance

Leverage MQTT for transferring data from various vehicle sensors to the cloud. Analyze the data to predict potential problems before they escalate, enabling preventive maintenance.

In-Vehicle Infotainment Systems

Enhance data delivery efficiency for infotainment systems offering services like navigation and media streaming, ensuring a seamless user experience.

Vehicle Telematics

Collect and transmit telematic data like driving behavior, fuel consumption, etc. Provide real-time insights for drivers or fleet managers, helping improve driving habits and reduce fuel consumption.

Autonomous Vehicles

In self-driving vehicles, MQTT can be used to transfer data from sensors, LIDAR, radar, etc., facilitating seamless communication between vehicle components and between vehicles and the cloud.

Over-the-Air (OTA) Updates

Automotive manufacturers can use MQTT to deliver over-the-air updates to their vehicles, enabling the seamless updating software, firmware, or even maps for navigation systems.

Electric Vehicle Management

For electric vehicles, MQTT can transmit data about battery status, charging status, expected range, etc., aiding drivers in effectively managing their electric vehicles.

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