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How to use MQTT in PHP

This article introduces how to use the "php-mqtt/client" client library in the PHP project, and implements connection, subscribe, messaging, etc of MQTT.

The Development Work for EMQ X 5.0 is in Full Swing - EMQ X Newsletter 202107

EMQ X development work is in full swing this July. We have added some exciting features and made a breakthrough progress on the key tasks of version 5.0.

Application of MQTT protocol in oil & gas industry

This article will explain in detail how the MQTT protocol works in the real-world application scenarios of the oil industry.

Introducing EMQ X Cloud on Microsoft Azure

EMQ, the leader of open-source and cloud-native distributed MQTT broker for IoT, is pleased to announce that EMQ X Cloud is now available on Microsoft Azure.

HStreamDB 0.5 released - updates of this cloud-native distributed streaming database

In this release, we have upgraded the existing features. Also, we have provided many new features that are of great importance for developing applications via HStreamDB.

Toward a thriving open-source community, EMQ sponsors Vue.js regularly

Recently, EMQ sponsored the open source project Vue.js through the Open Collective platform.

Quick Start of EMQ X MQTT Cloud Service

In this tutorial, we will teach you to step by step to build an IoT platform. After completing this tutorial, you will quickly learn how to deploy an MQTT cluster in EMQ X Cloud.

Seeing a light at the end of the EMQ X v5.0 tunnel - EMQ X Newsletter 202106

Since many weeks ago, we have been working hard to define EMQ X 5.0, it has been quite challenging to scope, prioritize, and finally get to focus on development in June.

Develop and deploy EMQ X plugin for Enterprise 4.3

A few EMQ X Enterprise customers were asking how they can develop their own EMQ X plugins and use them in the enterprise edition. This article is to document the steps.

An exciting start of the cloud-native journey - EMQ X Newsletter 202105

Although a lot of changes originally planned for v5 have been pushed earlier to v4.3, the greater remaining work for v5 is just getting started, and everybody is so pumped to get started.