Public MQTT Broker for IoT Testing

Start your MQTT testing and learning immediately without deployment.

MQTT Broker Info:
  • Broker:
  • TCP Port: 1883
  • WebSocket Port: 8083
  • SSL/TLS Port: 8883
  • WebSocket Secure Port: 8084
  • Certificate Authority:

This free public MQTT broker is based on the scalable and reliable EMQX and deployed in the US West (Oregon) AWS region.

Check out our rich and easy-to-understand MQTT guide to get started with MQTT protocol quickly and start your journey of IoT application development.

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EMQX Cloud

Fully managed MQTT service for IoT. The easiest way to start MQTT service. Connect your IoT devices to any cloud without the burden of maintaining infrastructure.

EMQX Enterprise

Self-managed enterprise MQTT platform at scale, an all-in-one distributed MQTT broker with multiple protocol gateways and a powerful built-in SQL-based IoT rule engine.