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Reliably Move IoT Data Anywhere

The unified IoT messaging solution, powered by the world's most scalable MQTT broker, enables real-time, reliable data transmission between IoT devices and cloud services.

Reliably  IoT Data Anywhere


Topic-based Pub/Sub Messaging

Topic-based Pub/Sub Messaging

Effortlessly facilitate bidirectional data movement between devices, systems, and applications with topic-based publish/subscribe messaging.

Move millions of MQTT messages

Move millions of MQTT messages

Efficiently handle millions of MQTT messages per second by leveraging a broker cluster equipped with a high-performance, real-time processing engine.

Deliver with latency as low as 1ms

Deliver with latency as low as 1ms

The soft real-time runtime system guarantees millisecond latency in message routing and delivery.

End-to-end Multi QoS Guarantee

End-to-end Multi QoS Guarantee

Guarantee the reliability of message delivery with a diverse set of end-to-end QoS options, including at most once, at least once, and exactly once.



Bi-directional Data Movement

Reliably move IoT data from and to connected devices, the edge, and cloud services.

High-performance, Low-latency

Deliver millions of messages through a cluster of nodes with latencies as low as 1 ms.

Dynamic Message Routing

Dynamically route messages by creating topics and subscriptions at runtime.

Fast and Reliable Data Delivery

Rapidly and reliably deliver data to connected devices, backed by multiple QoS guarantees.

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