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Data security

Keep your data secure in your own cloud and unlock more enterprise-grade security features.

Your own cloud

Deploy EMQX MQTT server in your own cloud, and manage it with our team's expertise.


Use your existing cloud infrastructure and pay only for the services you use.


Deploy the EMQX MQTT server in any cloud of your choice.


Customize your MQTT server to your needs and requirements.


Seamlessly integrate EMQX MQTT server with your existing systems.


Experience the convenience of cloud services without worrying about the maintenance and management of IoT infrastructure. Leave these tasks to our EMQX experts, and meet the data compliance requirements of your enterprise by keeping your data in your own cloud environment.

In addition, EMQX leverages your existing infrastructure, saving you costs and allowing you to take advantage of your current cloud infrastructure. With our MQTT BYOC plan, you can achieve the scale and security you need for your IoT applications, without the burden of server management.

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Scenarios of Using EMQX BYOC

Strict data security and compliance

Strict data security and compliance

EMQX Cloud provides a BYOC (Bring Your Own Cloud) deployment option to help enterprises that require strict data compliance and security rules. This option keeps your data in your environment.

For IoT solutions providers

For IoT solutions providers

If you're an IoT solutions provider looking for a flexible, customizable, and scalable MQTT server, EMQX BYOC is a good option for you.

Customizable solution

Customizable solution

A good choice for businesses with specific requirements for their MQTT server that traditional cloud offerings cannot meet.

Integration with existing systems

Integration with existing systems

Organizations that need to integrate an MQTT server with their existing systems.

Take Control of Your Cloud Infrastructure with EMQX BYOC Edition

Deploy EMQX MQTT server in your own cloud while still enjoying the benefits of our management expertise. Contact us today to learn more!