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MQTT for Google Cloud

The Best MQTT Service for Google Cloud

Elevate your success with our industry-leading MQTT platform. Seamlessly integrates with Google Cloud to transmit IoT data at hyper-scale.

The Best MQTT Service for Google Cloud

Migrate from Google IoT Core to EMQX Cloud

EMQX is a Premiere Google Cloud Partner, and we’re ready to fulfill the needs of Google Cloud Customers. Our Google IoT Core migration expertise guarantees a smooth, secure migration to EMQX with minimum downtime.

Migrate from Google IoT Core to EMQX Cloud


Full MQTT 5.0 Support

Full MQTT 5.0 Support

EMQX Cloud is built on the open standard MQTT 5.0 protocol, enabling you to create a platform-agnostic IoT solution. It works flawlessly across multi-cloud environments and avoids vendor lock-in.

JWT Token Authentication

JWT Token Authentication

EMQX Cloud supports JWT Token authentication. You can smoothly migrate your connected devices from the deprecated Google IoT Core to EMQX Cloud.

Google Pub/Sub Integration

Google Pub/Sub Integration

Our Google Pub/Sub integration and VPC peering enable direct ingestion of MQTT data at scale. You can bypass the deprecated Google IoT Core while seamlessly utilizing GCP infrastructure.

Built on EMQX

The Leader in Open Source MQTT Broker


Connected IoT Devices


Docker Pulls


Active Clusters


Enterprise Customers


100% MQTT and IIoT Standards

100% compliant with MQTT protocol (MQTT 5.0 and 3.1.1) and IIoT standards such as Sparkplug.

Unmatched Scalability

EMQX is a leading industry solution built for high availability and scalability, proven under load with up to 100 million MQTT connections.

End-to-End Security

Protect your IoT data with stringent, industry-standard security protocols like TLS/SSL encryption.

Business-Critical Reliability

Up to 99.99% SLA and no data loss with built-in RocksDB data persistence. EMQX is widely adopted and fully proven by 20K+ global users.

Anywhere and Anytime

No vendor lock-in. Deploy and run consistently on public cloud, containerized environments, or on-premises.

Google Pub/Sub and VPC Integration

Seamless, secure integration with native Google Pub/Sub integration and transparent VPC peering.

40+ Data Integrations & Extensions

Easily connect with 40+ services like Cloud SQL, Kafka, MongoDB, and InfluxDB, using standard protocols MQTT, HTTP, QUIC, and WebSocket.

Industry-Driven Innovation

Experience reliable message delivery even in challenging network conditions with our groundbreaking MQTT over QUIC protocol.

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