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Internet + advanced manufacturing

The integration of the Internet and the manufacturing industry can optimize resource allocation and improve total productivity and enable innovations. The IoT technologies, AI, and edge computing accelerate the merging of information technology (IT) and operation technology (OT) and make the new ways of manufacturing more competitive.

Low carbon transition in manufacturing

Low carbon is the drive of sustainable industry. New manufacturing demands environmental awareness. It is challenging for manufacturing to lower carbon emissions and energy consumption, and also save production costs and increases productivity at the same time.

Industrial digital transformation

Industrial digital transformation is the driving force to reform production, operation, business and organizational management. It builds a new paradigm of data-driven industry, creates new businesses such as smart manufacturing and shared manufacturing, and brings new value to the enterprise.


Multi-protocol access

Manufacturers bring many different types of industrial equipment to the market, and the equipment follows drivers access protocols which are not necessarily compatible with each other. Existing equipment is hard to digitalize in a unified way. Besides the standardized MQTT protocol for IoT, EMQ’s industry solution also supports existing industrial protocols such as Modbus, OPC-UA, IEC61850, IEC104and many more. It provides a unified high-quality data collection and data normalization on northbound and device controlling on southbound.

Multi-protocol access

Efficient and flexible edge-cloud data channel

Manufacturing requires large data volumes to be transmitted with low latency. Through light-weight edge side deployment, EMQ’s localized data processing and edge-cloud collaboration solution realizes high real-time response. The edge-side data streaming processing reduces the edge-cloud data transfer cost. The solution is flexible and extensible and it can be integrated with edge-side AI inference and decision making. This realizes the transformation from traditional manufacturing to smart manufacturing.

Efficient and flexible edge-cloud data channel

Data value creation

Massive amounts of data are collected, without a unified way to manage, store, and apply the data thus the value of the data is wasted. EMQ provides Interoperability to different data interfaces, APIs, data storage and message queues. It connects core applications in manufacturing, such as the MES and ERP, and creates new value from the data.

Data value creation


One-stop data access platform

EMQ provides a unified data access platform for IoT Protocols, standardized and proprietary protocols that are widely used in the manufacturing industry. It supports million-level device connection and data exchanging.

Real-time data acquisition and data normalization

EMQ provides for massive and high frequent data acquisition in real-time. Normalization of data from diverse devices provided by many different vendors and with secured data transfer.


EMQ’s solution is extensible and flexible. It can be integrated with software, databases, and systems from third parties.