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Connecting Industry with a Unified MQTT Platform

Empowering your Industry 4.0 transformation with seamless connectivity and real-time data transmission from the factory floor to the cloud. Built on the EMQX MQTT platform and Unified Namespace(UNS) architecture.

The cloud-edge integrated solution provided by EMQ has enabled us to achieve real-time data collection, analysis, and aggregation for our devices. By fully leveraging the computational power of edge hardware, we've achieved intelligent analysis and storage of data, further enhancing our product quality management system. Throughout the project implementation, besides their exceptional technical expertise, EMQ's rapid technical service response and top-notch service attitude have also left a profound impression on us.

--- Xu Hailong, IT Director of Shennan Circuits


The convergence of IT and OT is a critical aspect of modern industrial transformation, and MQTT plays a pivotal role in this process. MQTT helps integrate IT and OT systems by providing a lightweight and secure messaging hub that allows real-time data from OT systems to be accessed by IT systems for analysis and decision-making. This integration enables industries to leverage the power of data analytics, machine learning, and cloud computing for their operational processes, enhancing efficiency, productivity, and innovation.

Bridging the Gap of IT and OT with Unified Namespace (UNS)

EMQ's innovative approach to IIoT solutions is underscored by its Unified Namespace (UNS) Architecture, harmoniously integrating EMQX, the world's leading MQTT messaging platform, with Neuron, an open-source industrial connectivity gateway. This combination represents the pinnacle of technological innovation in the IIoT field.

Bridging the Gap of IT and OT with Unified Namespace (UNS)


Industrial Connectivity

Industrial Connectivity

Connect diverse industrial devices with 100+ protocols, including Modbus, OPC-UA, EtherNet/IP, S7, and others.

Convert industrial protocol seamlessly to MQTT to enable real-time data exchange with the cloud.

MQTT Sparkplug

MQTT Sparkplug

Use MQTT as the reliable messaging hub to connect everything. Standardize data communication and streamline industrial device management with Sparkplug specification.

Stream Processing and AI/ML

Stream Processing and AI/ML

Analyze data in motion, identify trends, automate processes, gain real-time insights, and make data-driven decisions with stream processing and AI/ML on the factory floor.

Unified Namespace

Unified Namespace

Unlock seamless IIoT advancement with a unified namespace architecture, bridging the OT and IT systems from edge to cloud, and eliminating data silos.

How to Setup

EMQ presents a reference architecture: 'Open Manufacturing Hub (OMH)'.

How to Setup

Built on EMQX

The Leader in Open Source MQTT Broker


Connected IoT Devices


Docker Pulls


Active Clusters


Enterprise Customers


High Performance

Connect thousands of industrial devices and process over 1,000,000 data points effortlessly.


NeuronEX requires low memory footprints, less than 10M, running on low-profile hardware.


EMQX can handle millions of concurrent MQTT connections, making it suitable for large-scale Industrial IoT deployments.


MQTT ensures reliable message delivery, even in network environments with high latency, limited bandwidth, or unreliable connections. EMQX further enhances this reliability with features such as clustering and bridging.

Real-Time Data Transfer

With its publish-subscribe model, MQTT enables real-time data transfer from various industrial devices to the cloud or between devices.


NeuronEX can communicate with a wide range of industrial equipment and systems using various industrial protocols, enabling interoperability in the IoT ecosystem.

Ease of Integration

NeuronEX and EMQX can seamlessly integrate with other systems and services, such as databases, cloud services, and third-party APIs, facilitating end-to-end IoT solutions.

Portable Deployment

NeuronEX can be deployed on all types of edge hardware on X86, ARM, RISC-V, and other architectures.




SOC 2 Type 1

SOC 2 Type 2

ISO/IEC 27001:2013

ISO/IEC 27701:2019

ISO/IEC 20000-1:2018

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