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We're Here to Help with Everything for Your Success

Whether you've downloaded our open source solution or require comprehensive 24/7 commercial system support – we always have your back.

Choose the right support that works for you

Community Support

Submit questions and get answered on GitHub, Slack, Forum

Commercial Support

Our professional team provides full service from installation to how to use the product. Please contact us for commercial support.

What Does Commercial Support Cover?

Use of EMQX Community and Enterprise

Commercial support covers both EMQX Community (open source) and Enterprise (commercial). We provide different subscription service for the two editions.

Assistance with Installation and Deployment

We can help when it comes to defining the prerequisite of your deployment environment. Whether it’s step-by-step installation guidance or issues during the installation and deployment process, we’ve got your back.

Software Updates

As EMQ releases new software, we let you know in our documentation and release notes. Running into problems as you’re upgrading? The EMQ team has you covered.

Debugging and Problem Fixing

Running into bugs? Tell us! Our team will work with you to solve the problem, provide a fix, and then incorporate that fix into our next update so no clients face that issue again. Customers engaged with us on a commercial basis will have their problems fixed first.

Performance Optimization and Tuning

We can help you analyze key performance metrics and make recommendations on system configuration and architecture. We’ll help you improve your system based on your requirements.

Critical Security Notifications

With EMQX, security issues are rare and unlikely. But, if they happen, we’ll let you know about the implications you face and find a solution as directly and quickly as possible.

Commercial Service Level

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