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Revolutionize Your IoT Infrastructure with EMQX on AWS

The best MQTT service alternative to AWS IoT Core. Built on EMQX, the leading open-source MQTT Broker. With full MQTT 5.0 support, you can avoid vendor lock-in and leverage a multi-cloud strategy.

Revolutionize Your IoT Infrastructure with EMQX on AWS

Seamless IoT Data Integration with EMQX & AWS

The out-of-the-box data integration seamlessly streams the MQTT messages, processed by the built-in rule engine, into AWS Kinesis Data Streams for further integration with other AWS services - Aurora, DynamoDB, Lambda, Redshift, and more.

Seamless IoT Data Integration with EMQX & AWS


Fully MQTT 5.0 Support

Fully MQTT 5.0 Support

100% compliant with MQTT v5.0 standards.

All Quality of Service Levels 0,1 and 2

Compatible with all the MQTT client SDKs.

Scalability and Performance

Scalability and Performance

Connect millions of IoT devices effortlessly.

Ingest 1 million MQTT messages per second.

High availability with multiple availability zones.

Security and Access Control

Security and Access Control

AWS IAM for secure access control.

JWT Token authentication.

Fine-grained Access Control.

Flexibility and Integration

Flexibility and Integration

SQL-based rule engine and Flow Designer.

Integrate with AWS Kinesis and MSK(Kafka).

Integrate with AWS RDS (Aurora, MySQL).

How to Setup

Using EMQX’s rule engine and flow designer, with just a few clicks, you can filter, extract, transform, and ingest MQTT data into AWS Kinesis.

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How to Setup

Built on EMQX

The Leader in Open Source MQTT Broker


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Enterprise Customers

EMQX Cloud vs. AWS IoT Core

AWS IoT CoreEMQX Cloud
Limited-feature support for MQTT v3.1.1. Full support for MQTT v5.0 and v3.1.1.
Vendor lock-in proprietary client SDK 30+ open-source MQTT client SDKs.
Integration only with AWS services. Bridge data to 40+ cloud services or self-hosted resources.
Pricing is based on consumption, an error may result in extremely high usage consumption. Fixed pricing modes, never overspent.
Maximum concurrent client connections per account - 500, 000. Up to unlimited connections.
Troubleshooting with docs or paid experts Exclusive expert team assist you with any issues 7 x 24.

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