EMQ Demo Day 003

2021/05/13 08:00 UTC


[@zmstone] Trie compaction:

Released in v4.3.0. 6x times faster in a benchmark test for 5-level wildcard topic insert/delete performance. 10% slower in lookup performance

Resources: 2021-05-13-trie-improvements.pdf

[@qzhuyan]: Massive subscribe/unsubscribe performance improvements:

Released in v4.2.12 e4.2.6 and v4.3.0. 10x times (maybe even more, re-running some tests) concurrent subscribe/unsubscribe request handling capacity

[@k32] node-dump tool:

One command line to collect runtime inforamtion and logs for issue reports


10:00 Stockholm, 16:00 Hangzhou/Beijing, 17:00 Tokyo

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