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EMQX project online demo session

Apr 19, 2021

[@z8674558]: EMQX config document auto generation

This is more of a technical presentation which may benefit EMQX developers and other users in the community if they happen to use cuttlefish for the current or next project.

When it comes to configuration, the 'source of truth' is usually the config file itself and the code which parses the configs.

Maintaining the docs for configuration is quite a hassle if the doc is kept far from the 'source of truth', doc-to-code discrepancy is the most common issue.

The feature which @z8674558 is going to demo, it will make use of the @doc annotations in the config schema to generate EMQX configuration document.

[@k32]: Rlog (Async Mnesia db replication) project update (No.2)

Rlog (short for Replicated Logs) is to provide an async replication mechanism for Mnesia tables in EMQX, aiming to make EMQX cluster more stable and scalable.

In the last demo @k32 presented some nice test results. Now it's time to prove that EMQX cluster will function well using rlog to replicate its database.

Time: 09:00 UTC | 11:00 Stockholm | 17:00 Hangzhou | 18:00 Tokyo

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