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How to Choose the most Suitable MQTT Broker

Mar 17, 2022

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MQTT or message queue telemetry transfer protocol is the standard protocol in the IoT world today. But there are multiple brokers in different languages. However, it is always confusing for beginners to pick one for their projects. In this webinar, we are going to share the factors to consider when choosing an MQTT Broker.


  • Why MQTT is so essential in the IoT world today
  • 10 things should be considered when choosing an MQTT Broker
  • Casual Talk: Which MQTT Broker do you prefer and why?


Mar 17th, 11: 00 am EST/4: 00 pm GMT/5: 00 pm CET

Speaker: Jaylin, EMQ R&D Director

Jaylin Yu, EMQ RD Director, was in charge of GIS data analysis in ESCAP, published edge computing related papers in MSNCom, and holds several IoT related patents. After that, he has been working on IoT edge computing. He has completed the development and operation of the industry's first edge computing & distributed charging pile system and private cloud in EVPOWER. Now he is in charge of EMQ edge computing and initiated NanoMQ open source project.