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MQTT Broker Cluster Scalability: How it is done by EMQX

Apr 13, 2022


As the IoT market grows, a substantial number of devices are connected. Therefore, organizations should realize that it is essential to ensure their IoT infrastructure will scale to handle an increase in the number of connections. EMQX can implement 100M subscribers.

This webinar will explain why EMQX is so scalable, including the EMQX's foundation, clustering, and demonstrate how to reach 100K in the live show.


  • EMQX’s foundation
    • A quick introduction to Erlang/OTP and the virtual machine beam
    • EMQX's processing model: one process for each client
      • Fault tolerant
      • Resource optimization (hibernation)
      • Load share / migration 
    • Hot upgrade
  • EMQX’s clustering
    • Globally distributed routing table
    • Clients distributed among the nodes
    • Intra-cluster connection pool
  • EMQX 5.0 clustering
    • Core+replicant topology
    • Stateless replicant nodes
    • 100M unique subscribers
  • Demo: emqtt-bench
    • Reach 100K in the live-show


Kary Ware, EMQ Sales Engineer. Using his hardware and software engineering background, EMQ pre sales engineer Kary Ware focuses on helping customers to explore the many advantages of EMQ IoT solutions. Kary has worked with customers in a wide range of industries, including telecommunications, automotive, industrial controls, and aerospace and defense, which has given him valuable experience and insights that he uses in every customer interaction. Originally from California, Kary now calls Stockholm, Sweden home.