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MQTT Made Easy: Introducing EMQX Enterprise 5.1

Sep 6, 2023

Webinar Summary:

For years past, enterprises have hinged their success on scaling quickly in an always fluctuating and competitive corporate atmosphere. Today’s no different. In fact, that need has probably intensified all the more, which is why EMQ is proud to announce the latest release: EMQX Enterprise 5.1.

This EMQ webinar will delve into the benefits and features of the most advanced MQTT platform update, featuring an inside view of why it’s crucial to not only scale, but leverage new advancements and why they’re important for your business. That includes MQTT over QUIC, larger file transfer capability, IoT data channel unification, and complete visualization of all bidirectional integrations.

This Webinar is Ideal for:

Enterprise cloud, mobile, and IoT product managers and engineering team leads.


Kary Ware | Sales Engineer at EMQ

Kary Ware has worked in a variety of technical and sales engineering roles since 1988. From 2006-2019, Kary worked at IBM Internet of Things, where he helped create a modular training course framework for IoT. Kary currently works at EMQ Technologies Co., Ltd. as a Sales Engineer.

Ernest Russell | Technical Content Manager | EMQ

Ernest brings over a decade of experience in Information Technology and Broadcast Engineering, supporting some of the largest media companies in the world including CNN, Turner, and Fox. Ernest has always been passionate about learning and writing, earning a master’s degree in Networking and Telecom Management. As a Technical Content Manager at EMQ, Ernest is focused on knowledge sharing and best practices for MQTT and IoT.