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MQTT over QUIC: A New Standard for Connected Vehicles

Jun 21, 2023

Webinar Summary

Connected cars have the challenge of relaying important vehicle data in challenging network environments. This webinar introduces MQTT messaging over the QUIC transport protocol and how the combination of these two can improve connectivity and communication for connected vehicles.

This Webinar is Ideal for

Developers, Engineering Teams, Project Managers

IoV and IoT Industry

Fireside Chat with Josh & Ernest Russell

Josh Eastburn | Director of Technical Marketing | EMQ

After more than a decade as a control systems integrator, automation engineer, project manager, and marketer, Josh Eastburn now works as Director of Technical Marketing at EMQ. Before starting his career in tech marketing, Josh studied Computer Science at Cal Poly and worked in industrial automation projects supporting process equipment for semiconductor giants like Intel, TSMC, and Samsung as well as applications in the petrochemical, food and beverage, and life sciences industries. As a marketer, his work has focused on educating the engineering community about MQTT and other technologies for IoT.

Ernest Russell | Technical Content Manager | EMQ

Ernest brings over a decade of experience in Information Technology and Broadcast Engineering, supporting some of the largest media companies in the world including CNN, Turner, and Fox. Ernest has always been passionate about learning and writing, earning a master’s degree in Networking and Telecom Management. As a Technical Content Manager at EMQ, Ernest is focused on knowledge sharing and best practices for MQTT and IoT.

Key Points

  • Introduction to MQTT
  • Introduction to QUIC
  • Why MQTT over QUIC is great for connected vehicles
  • Message reliability in challenging environments