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Snabbkaffe Introduction -- a new way to test Erlang code

Apr 23, 2021

In this online knowledge sharing session, @k32 will introduce what Snabbkaffe is and how to use it in test cases.

Here is a brief description:

  • Open sourced in GitHub:
  • Snabbkaffe is a library that helps testing concurrent and distributed systems
  • It does so by moving the focus from /states/ to /effects/
  • Developers find bugs by looking at the logs, snabbkaffe does the same and automates the process
  • It has advanced modes of testing: fault and scheduling injection
  • It aims for efficiency: run test scenario once, verify multiple properties

Come and join us in the online session to find out more, and ask questions.

@k32: From Russia, live in Sweden, Open source enthusiast, Erlang lover.

Time: Apr 23, 2021 11:00 AM Stockholm

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