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MQTT & QUIC - The Future of Connected Vehicle Services

Apr 25, 2023

Webinar Summary

The future of connected vehicle services requires affordable, scalable communication technologies to handle unprecedented levels of data and ensure a reliable, secure, safe driving experience in a multi-tenant ecosystem. MQTT, the de facto standard communication protocol for the Internet of Things(IoT), is being deployed by top automakers to meet this challenge. However, the QUIC protocol is also gaining traction due to its exceptional performance for typical IoV use cases. This webinar will cover the basics of MQTT for automotive and transportation, as well as the advantages and future prospects of MQTT over QUIC technology for IoV. Additionally, Damon Motors, a smart EV manufacturer, will share their experiences using MQTT and how it has transformed electric motorcycles.

This webinar will shed light on opportunities, challenges, and solutions for the future of the connected vehicles.

This Webinar is Ideal for

Connected services designers and infrastructure engineers in automotive and transportation.

Fireside Chat with Josh & Rob

Josh Eastburn | Director of Technical Marketing | EMQ

After more than a decade as a control systems integrator, automation engineer, project manager, and marketer, Josh Eastburn now works as Director of Technical Marketing at EMQ. Before starting his career in tech marketing, Josh studied Computer Science at Cal Poly and worked in industrial automation projects supporting process equipment for semiconductor giants like Intel, TSMC, and Samsung as well as applications in the petrochemical, food and beverage, and life sciences industries. As a marketer, his work has focused on educating the engineering community about MQTT and other technologies for IoT.

Rob Chartier | Senior Director, Cloud and Mobile | Damon

Rob Chartier is an experienced software architect with over 25 years of hands-on development experience, consistently delivering successful software solutions. He specializes in greenfield delivery and large-scale IoT solutions, specifically in the automotive industry. He has deep experience with the .NET framework, working directly with the Microsoft ASP.NET Team for over 20 years. He has been recognized as a Microsoft MVP for six years for ASP.NET and is a member of the ASP Insiders since its inception in 2002. Rob has contributed to shaping the current and future of the ASP.NET Platform and .NET Core.

Recently, Rob was deeply involved in the vision, architecture, and creation of Damon Motorcycles EV Automotive Cloud, which leverages .NET Core, MQTT (EMQX), Kafka, Actors, Kubernetes etc.

It included discussion on:

  • The critical success enablers that will lead the future of connected cars
  • How to use MQTT to meet the demands of next-generation connected vehicle services
  • How to leverage EMQX development tools to speed time to market