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EMQ at Smart Cities Connect 2023: Driving Urban Transformation with Innovative IoT Data Solutions

Dec 13, 2023

EMQ at Smart Cities Connect 2023: Driving Urban Transformation with Innovative IoT Data Solutions

Morgan Hill, CA, Dec. 9, 2023 - At the forefront of IoT connectivity solutions for smart cities, EMQ marked its presence at Smart Cities Connect 2023 in Washington, D.C., affirming its dedication to driving urban advancement through innovative technologies.

EMQ at Smart Cities Connect 2023

Held at the renowned Gaylord National Hotel & Convention Center in Washington, D.C., Smart Cities Connect served as a pivotal gathering for the smart cities community. The event united and industry leaders and decision-makers, fostering discussions on leveraging technology to resolve urban challenges and enhance community and citizen welfare.

EMQ actively participated in key discussions at the conference, addressing vital topics like AI, Cybersecurity, Data Analytics, 5G, Decarbonization, and Energy Infrastructure. This event sparked considerable interest in collaborations, with many exploring how to integrate their technologies with EMQ's offerings, aiming for beneficial partnerships that enhance existing solutions.

EMQ at Smart Cities Connect 2023

A central theme of these discussions was a unified vision for the future of smart city infrastructure. EMQ showcased its MQTT-based technology as a crucial tool for enabling smart transportation, advanced charging infrastructure, and improved vehicle-to-infrastructure connectivity.

One of the event's highlights was EMQ’s engaging raffle. The prize, appropriate for the holiday season, attracted enthusiastic participation, highlighting the vibrant atmosphere at EMQ's exhibit.

Dylan Kennedy, EMQ’s CEO, reflected on the event: “Smart Cities Connect 2023 was a truly enriching experience for us. The keen interest from industry leaders underscores the increasing relevance of smart technologies in urban development. We’re excited by the prospects and look forward to establishing partnerships that will significantly impact the future of smart cities."

EMQ's participation in Smart Cities Connect 2023 not only showcased its technological expertise but also marked a crucial step in pursuing innovative collaborations within the smart city sector. Stay tuned for updates on EMQ's transformative initiatives that are reshaping the smart cities landscape.

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