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EMQ Attends 2024 Code BEAM Erlang & Elixir Conference in North America

Mar 20, 2024

EMQ Attends 2024 Code BEAM Erlang & Elixir Conference in North America

San Francisco, California, March 18, 2024 - EMQ, a global leader in open-source IoT data infrastructure software and the creator of EMQX, the world’s most scalable MQTT messaging platform, proudly announced its participation in the prestigious 2024 Code BEAM America Conference. This event took place in San Francisco, CA, from March 7 to 8.

EMQ was delighted to sponsor this esteemed event, which united leading minds in Erlang and Elixir development. The conference aimed to tackle current technological challenges and explore the vast possibilities offered by BEAM-based languages.

Over two days, the event featured a remarkable array of pioneers and thought leaders from the industry, delivering an abundance of knowledge, innovation, and networking opportunities. Participants enjoyed advanced presentations and hands-on tutorials on the practical uses of Erlang, Elixir, and other emerging technologies.


Serving as a vital hub for the Erlang and Elixir communities, the conference promoted learning, collaboration, and inspiration. EMQ engaged with the Erlang Ecosystem Foundation and various professionals and organizations that develop harnessing and promote high-performance, fault-tolerant, and scalable applications. These applications cater to billions of users across diverse industries including Fintech, eCommerce, IoT, Security, Machine Learning, and more.

The event also provided as a platform for discussing the latest advancements in IoT, Connected Cars, and other sectors.

At the conference, EMQ showcased EMQX, its flagship open-source distributed MQTT messaging broker, developed with Erlang/OTP. By utilizing Erlang's exceptional management of high concurrency, durable processes, and extensive message handling, EMQX provides continuous, rapid access to IoT data for a worldwide client base. EMQ also demonstrated how the EMQX Platform, along with edge solutions like Neuron, eKuiper, and NanoMQ, is transforming IoT solutions for leading global companies. The event featured enriching discussions and dynamic networking sessions.

During the event, EMQX engaged in an ongoing dialogue with Erlang Solutions about their IoT Platform, currently under development. This platform is envisioned to include Nerves, a toolkit for crafting embedded software in Elixir, and NanoMQ, serving as the future (not yet integrated) central messaging hub. NanoMQ's potential to enhance real-time IoT data connectivity, enable efficient data transmission from edge to cloud, ensure precise data processing, and offer smooth integration with various cloud platforms received significant acclaim, highlighting the promising future of this work-in-progress project.

Reflecting Code BEAM's spirit of cooperation, EMQX was celebrated for its open-source approach, offering unmatched reliability, stability, sustainability, and security. Its versatility and relevance were recognized as key reasons for its widespread adoption among developers. Designed in Erlang, EMQX is regarded as a user-friendly, effective solution for those seeking dependable IoT infrastructure.

For more information about EMQ and its groundbreaking IoT solutions, please visit EMQ's website.