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EMQ Attends Reuters Automotive USA 2023, Steering IoT Connectivity

Nov 17, 2023

EMQ Attends Reuters Automotive USA 2023, Steering IoT Connectivity

Morgan Hill, CA, Nov. 9, 2023 - EMQ, a pioneering force reshaping the automotive industry through state-of-the-art connected vehicle technology, showcased its groundbreaking solutions at Automotive USA 2023, hosted in Detroit from November 8-9, 2023.

Automotive USA, a premier industry gathering, invited senior-level OEM leaders to delve into discussions about the future of software-defined electric vehicles, the evolution of the OEM business model, and strategic planning for an autonomous future.

EMQ underscored its commitment to shaping the IoT landscape in the automotive industry. Visitors experienced the potency and scalability of EMQX, the world’s most scalable MQTT-based IoT messaging platform. EMQ’s platform supports vehicle services, including automotive manufacturers, fleet operators, telematics, geolocation, and app-based mobile vehicle controls, for world-class automakers such as Volkswagen, Lucid Technologies, Scania, BMW, and Great Wall Motors.

EMQ is at the forefront of proposed additions to the MQTT standard, like MQTT over QUIC, collaborating with automotive R&D labs globally. MQTT over QUIC is an advanced transport protocol seamlessly blending the efficiency of MQTT with the speed and security of QUIC, ensuring a secure and efficient data exchange between connected vehicles and central systems, even in challenging vehicle network conditions. Consequently, EMQ's technology facilitates the reliable real-time movement and processing of IoV data, enabling the creation of a secure, scalable connected car platform supporting advanced applications within the automotive sector.

In 2023, EMQ earned acclaim, with over 20 global OEM manufacturers and more than 30 Tier 1 TSP providers choosing EMQX, EMQ's MQTT messaging platform, as their preferred connected car data access solution. Remarkably, over 20 million vehicles worldwide access EMQX commercial products and services, emphasizing EMQ's significant impact in shaping the future of connected vehicles.

Dylan Kennedy, CEO of EMQ, shared his reflections on the event, stating, "Participating in Automotive USA 2023 provided us with a valuable platform to engage with industry leaders and showcase the pivotal role of EMQX in the transformation of automotive technology. The discussions and interactions at our booth underscored the growing importance of scalable and efficient IoT messaging solutions in shaping the future of connected vehicles."

EMQ remains steadfast in its dedication to driving innovation in the automotive sector, and the success at Automotive USA 2023 reaffirms our commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions for the evolving landscape of connected vehicles.

For a deeper dive into EMQ's transformative contributions to the automotive industry, please visit EMQ's Internet of Vehicles Solutions.

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