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EMQ GmbH Commits to IoT Excellence with IoT Use Case Network Membership

Jun 12, 2024

EMQ GmbH Commits to IoT Excellence with IoT Use Case Network Membership

Morgan Hill, CA, June 12, 2024 – EMQ, the developer of the world’s leading open-source MQTT messaging platform, EMQX, is proud to announce it has joined the esteemed IoT Use Case Network. This strategic alliance showcases EMQ's commitment to driving innovation and enhancing IoT solutions across many industries.

The IoT Use Case Network is a collaborative platform focused on developing and implementing IoT solutions that tackle real-world challenges. The network includes companies from various sectors such as OEMs, machinery manufacturers, and building and facility operators. It focuses on the professional group of ‘IoT Business Development,' promoting forward-thinking business strategies by sharing use cases and success stories to inspire future projects. By joining this network, EMQ aims to use its expertise in MQTT and IoT data solutions to contribute to and benefit from the collective knowledge of other industry leaders.

Enhancing IoT Solutions Through Collaboration

EMQ's participation in the IoT Use Case Network will foster efforts to shape the future of the IoT ecosystem through global and regional collaboration. EMQX, EMQ’s flagship product, is a highly reliable and unified MQTT platform known for its exceptional performance, scalability, and dependability in IoT data transmission and processing. Trusted by over 600 customers in critical IoT scenarios, EMQX connects more than 200 million IoT devices worldwide, serving over 20,000 users in more than 50 countries.

As a member of the IoT Use Case Network, EMQ will showcase how EMQX and other solutions can be integrated into various use cases, including Connected Vehicles, Industrial IoT, Automation, Oil and Gas, Carrier, Finance, Energy, Transportation, and Logistics. This integration will offer clear benefits such as improved data collection, real-time processing, and better decision-making.

Stefano Marmonti, EMQ’s EMEA Head of Sales, shared his excitement: "We are thrilled to join the IoT Use Case Network and work with other innovators in the IoT space. This partnership aligns perfectly with our mission to simplify and accelerate IoT adoption through open-source technology and community collaboration. We look forward to contributing to the network and advancing IoT solutions that drive business value and societal impact. The network's focus on 'IoT Business Development' promotes future-oriented business strategies and creates a space for exchange and networking. We are eager to drive innovative and effective IoT solutions forward."

Driving Innovation in Key Industries

EMQ’s involvement in the IoT Use Case Network will emphasize advancements in several key industries:

  • Smart Manufacturing: Improving operational efficiency, predictive maintenance, and overall productivity through IoT.
  • Automotive: Enhancing connected car technologies, including vehicle-to-everything (V2X) communication and MQTT over QUIC.
  • Smart Cities: Implementing IoT solutions for smarter infrastructure, energy management, and public services.
  • Healthcare: Improving patient care and operational efficiency through real-time data monitoring and analysis.

A Commitment to Open-Source and Community

As a strong advocate for open-source technology, EMQ believes in the power of community-driven development and innovation. Joining the IoT Use Case Network allows EMQ to share its open-source solutions with a broader audience, fostering collaboration and speeding up the deployment of cutting-edge IoT technologies. Looking ahead, EMQ aims to solidify its position as a global leader in IoT connectivity through technological innovation and collaboration, promoting the sustainable growth of the IoT ecosystem.

Discover EMQ’s innovative MQTT solutions on our website and learn more about the IoT Use Case Network.

About the IoT Use Case

We are a cross-industry network of industrial companies, including OEMs, machinery and plant manufacturers, as well as equipment and component producers. Our community also includes manufacturing companies and operators of buildings or facilities partner with OEMs and manufacturers. We have a special focus on the professional group of ‘IoT Business Development,' sharing their emphasis on future-oriented business strategies. We provide a platform for exchange, offer valuable input, and promote networking by connecting relevant contacts and diverse communication formats.