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EMQ joined AWS Partner Network, bringing new energy to the ecosystem

Oct 27, 2021

EMQ joined AWS Partner Network, bringing new energy to the ecosystem

Recently, the world-leading open-source IoT infrastructure software provider EMQ officially joined the AWS Partner Network (hereinafter referred to as APN). That is to say, EMQ has now become the official certified partner of AWS (Amazon Web Services).

After AWS’s rigorous audits on technique and architecture, the MQTT services EMQ provides turned out to meet AWS's best practice requirements for availability, security, and more. In the future, EMQ will leverage the technical, business and marketing support of APN to help accelerate the cloud journey with AWS through quality products and leading technologies.

EMQ joined AWS Partner Network

Customers can now query EMQ related information through the Partner page of the AWS website

EMQ & AWS, a long-standing megamerger

As a software provider of IoT data infrastructure, EMQ provides cloud-native distributed MQTT broker(EMQX) for tens of thousands of users around the world, which powers high-reliability and high-performance real-time IoT data movement, processing and integration, and helps enterprises quickly build IoT platforms and applications for key businesses.

EMQX Cloud is a fully managed SaaS service based on EMQX, which relieves users of the burden of operation and maintenance. It makes full use of the scale effect of cloud computing to bring customers cost-effective services. At the beginning of its release, EMQX Cloud has completed the connection with AWS cloud. With the stable infrastructure network of AWS all over the world and the product features of massive connection and high concurrency of EMQX Cloud, users can deploy MQTT services in multiple AWS-supported regions at home and abroad to quickly start the IoT business.

In order to respond to the "carbon neutral" strategy, EMQ also cooperated with AWS and SAP to build a carbon emission digital platform for the entire industry chain this year. With the help of digital and IoT technology, EMQ provides one-stop services for enterprises and regulators from production and manufacturing to carbon emission and carbon footprint analysis, and helps enterprises carry out energy consumption and emission monitoring management and industrial transformation and upgrading.

EMQ+AWS+SAP Schematic diagram of the carbon emission digital platform architecture

EMQ+AWS+SAP Schematic diagram of the carbon emission digital platform architecture

In this green solution, EMQ mainly collects and pre-processes the overall energy consumption and carbon emission data on the device side and transmits them to the cloud as the access and gateway layers. The analysis and prediction layer & storage layer of AWS based on the underlying sensor architecture is responsible for subsequent data storage, statistics, analysis and prediction, so as to provide reliable carbon-neutral data support for enterprises jointly. The solution was unveiled at the 2021 AWS China Summit in Shanghai in July and received great attention from the on-site audience.

Accelerate the cloud era, foresee the future

Up to now, more than 90% of Fortune 100 companies and most Fortune 500 companies in the world are using the solutions and services provided by AWS partners. The addition of EMQ will absolutely bring more possibilities for the IoT innovation business of these companies.

As the most widely used cloud platform and the world-leading IoT broker, the megamerger between AWS and EMQ will become the best choice for enterprises in the IoT field to reduce costs, improve agility and accelerate business innovation in the cloud-native era. EMQ will continue to explore with AWS so that more enterprises can enjoy the convenience brought by cloud computing and serve the future industry and society.