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EMQ Joins the AWS Partner Network Global Startups Program

Jul 14, 2022

EMQ Joins the AWS Partner Network Global Startups Program

EMQ announced its induction into the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner Network (APN) Global Startup Program, furthering its status as an APN Advanced Technology Partner.

The APN Global Startup Program is a unique "white glove" support and go-to-market (GTM) program for selected startup APN Partners. To be selected for the program, EMQ met a strict set of pre-defined criteria, including a clearly demonstrated market fit for its IoT data infrastructure solution, top-tier venture capital backing and recommendations, and demonstrated strategic commitment to building AWS expertise.

EMQ is the developer behind EMQX, the most scalable, open-source, cloud-native MQTT-based IoT messaging platform, which has more than 20,000 enterprise users from over 50 countries and connects more than 100 million IoT devices worldwide. By joining the APN Global Startup Program, EMQ will continue to innovate while benefitting from a tailor-made selection of AWS services and APN programs, promotion support to improve brand visibility, and deployment support for AWS shared customers to further embrace, expand, and enhance the cloud.

“We are truly honored to be part of the newly launched APN Global Startup Program,” said Feng Lee, founder and CEO of EMQ. “EMQ is dedicated to powering future-proof IoT solutions and enterprise digital transformation through unified IoT data connection, movement, processing and analytics, from edge to cloud to multi-cloud. Joining the APN Global Startup Program is a tremendous opportunity to advance digital transformation by embracing the power of the cloud, while also preserving our joint enterprise customers’ need for security, compliance, and cloud best practices.”


As a pioneer in cloud-native MQTT messaging and IoT-based streaming analytics, EMQ deploys its cloud-based IoT solutions for tens of thousands of enterprise users across the globe to accelerate the pace of data analysis and make better decisions faster. Learn more about EMQ products and get started for free.

AWS Partner Network

EMQ joined the AWS Partner Network (APN) in October of last year, paving the way for EMQ to reach a broader audience and build meaningful connections.

Together with AWS, we’re committing to accelerate product development even further. EMQ continues to focus on providing intelligent data-in-motion solutions on one of the largest cloud providers in the world,” Feng Lee said at the time.

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