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EMQ Joins the Connect with Confluent Partner Program, Enhancing IoT Data Ecosystems in the Cloud

Dec 11, 2023

EMQ Joins the Connect with Confluent Partner Program, Enhancing IoT Data Ecosystems in the Cloud

Morgan Hill, CA, Nov.21, 2023 – EMQ, developer of the world’s leading open-source MQTT messaging platform, EMQX, is proud to announce its status as a verified partner in the Connect with Confluent Partner Program. This partnership underscores EMQ’s dedication to fostering a dynamic ecosystem for efficient IoT data management and utilization in the cloud.

Confluent Cloud, a highly regarded managed cloud service by Confluent, simplifies deploying, operating, and scaling Apache Kafka clusters in the cloud. This solution empowers businesses to develop event-driven applications with features like auto-scaling, data replication, and comprehensive integration with the Confluent Platform.

Marking a strategic advancement, EMQX Cloud, EMQ’s premier managed MQTT cloud service, now offers integration support for Confluent Cloud. This collaboration merges the strengths of EMQX Cloud in MQTT communication with the robust capabilities of Confluent Cloud in Kafka deployments, catering to the critical needs of various applications.

Unlocking Synergies for IoT Infrastructure

By aligning EMQX Cloud’s MQTT expertise with Confluent Cloud’s Kafka-focused platform, this integration delivers an all-encompassing solution for IoT infrastructures. It facilitates seamless MQTT device communication while leveraging Kafka's stream processing strengths, resulting in a scalable, resilient, and future-proof IoT system.

Empowering Real-Time Data and Event Streaming

The EMQX Cloud and Confluent Cloud integration unleashes a new era in real-time data and event streaming. This collaboration enables efficient data collection, forwarding, and processing, offering businesses valuable insights and driving digital transformation.

A Significant Step Towards an Integrated IoT Data Ecosystem

This partnership is a milestone in integrating MQTT communication with Kafka’s robust stream processing. It lays a foundational platform for scalable, efficient, and innovative IoT data solutions.

Dylan Kennedy, CEO of EMQ, comments: "Our alliance with Confluent is a significant leap in our mission to build an integrated ecosystem for effective IoT data management in the cloud. This partnership reflects our unwavering commitment to delivering advanced IoT solutions, ensuring seamless communication and data exchange in the rapidly evolving IoT sector."

EMQ is excited about the transformative impact of this partnership on our mutual clients and the broader IoT community.

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