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Smart Roads Ahead: EMQX MQTT and Upstash Kafka's Approach to Connecting Millions of Vehicles

Jan 31, 2024

Smart Roads Ahead: EMQX MQTT and Upstash Kafka's Approach to Connecting Millions of Vehicles

Morgan Hill, CA, January 29, 2024 – EMQ, the pioneer of the world's leading open-source MQTT messaging platform, EMQX, is excited to announce an innovative partnership with Upstash. This collaboration positions EMQ at the forefront of the automotive transportation and smart mobility revolution.

As we embark on a decade characterized by diverse transportation methods and interconnected infrastructure, the evolution of automotive technology requires vehicles equipped with fast and reliable messaging capabilities. EMQX plays a critical role in this transformation, equipping vehicles with the essential communication tools they need to thrive in this interconnected ecosystem.

This empowerment facilitates a seamless integration of advanced features, enhancing the driving experience for both drivers and passengers alike. MQTT and Kafka are at the ready, bolstering the development of connected car services and other IoT initiatives.

Connected Car Architecture

Connecting Millions of Cars with EMQX MQTT and Upstash Kafka

Connected cars are redefining the driver experience by incorporating futuristic features that enhance safety, sustainability, and efficiency. These advancements include real-time traffic updates, electric mobility services, Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS), voice controls, crash detection, and environmental monitoring.

Designing a connected car platform presents unique challenges, such as handling diverse data and ensuring seamless car-to-cloud communication. Solutions must address large data volumes, standardization, network issues, scalability, latency, bidirectional data flow, integration complexity, and cost optimization.

To meet these challenges, EMQ and Upstash have joined forces to develop a revolutionary solution for connecting millions of cars. This partnership heralds a new era in data management, network connectivity, scalability, latency, bidirectional data flow, integration complexities, and cost optimization for connected car platforms. This collaboration between EMQ and Upstash is a major step forward in smart mobility, ensuring reliability, efficiency, and a seamless user experience.

The data flow process in connected cars involves a smooth transfer of information between vehicles and backend systems. This includes EMQX, Upstash, Kafka, and other relevant IT systems, representing a significant stride in shaping smart mobility.

Architecture and Data Flow

Sensor and Telemetry Data Generation:

Connected cars generate a wide array of data, such as GPS, accelerometer readings, camera feeds, and telemetry metrics like speed and fuel consumption.

EMQX MQTT Data Ingestion:

  • Vehicles utilize MQTT to publish data to the EMQX MQTT broker.
  • Various topics are used to efficiently organize and route different types of data.


  • EMQX acts as the MQTT broker, enabling communication between cars and backend systems.
  • Message delivery reliability is ensured through adjustable Quality of Service (QoS) levels.

Upstash Kafka for Event Streaming:

  • Kafka facilitates high-throughput event streaming, which is essential for reliable data persistence and asynchronous processing.
  • Data is categorized and parallelized for event processing through topics and partitions.

Data Processing and Transformation:

  • Real-time processing can be optimally conducted using systems like Apache Kafka Streams or Apache Flink for immediate analysis.
  • Raw data is transformed to make it suitable for storage, analytics, or additional processing.

Data Storage:

  • Databases are selected based on the type and requirements of the data:
    • Relational databases (e.g., PostgreSQL) for structured data.
    • NoSQL databases (e.g., MongoDB) for unstructured or semi-structured data.

Real-time Analytics and Reporting:

  • An analytics engine is implemented for immediate insights.
  • Reporting services or dashboards are developed for users and administrators to visualize analytics results.

Our innovative approach ensures seamless communication among IoT-enabled cars via the EMQX MQTT platform, while Upstash Kafka provides a resilient foundation for reliable event streaming. Security is paramount with end-to-end encryption ensuring data safety. The system is designed for scalable growth and real-time insights with continuous monitoring, logging, and API-driven integrations enhancing adaptability. This collaboration between EMQ and Upstash sets a visionary trajectory for a more efficient, secure, and adaptable future on the roads.

For more information about the EMQX MQTT Platform and its capabilities, please visit EMQX Enterprise: Enterprise MQTT Platform At Scale.

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