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EMQX Reveals The Potential With Mnesia at The Live CodeBEAM Conference in Stockholm, Sweden 2023

May 23, 2023

EMQX Reveals The Potential With Mnesia at The Live CodeBEAM Conference in Stockholm, Sweden 2023

Stockholm, Sweden, May 16, 2023 – The figurehead of knowledge sharing: that’s the essence of open-source. For technology in particular, that’s much the same, especially for the recent CodeBEAM Stockholm conference event. It brought a community of Nordic developers together into the home of Erlang, inspired by what many have been doing with BEAM languages in the areas of IoT, fintech, ML, blockchain, security and so much more.

One of the highlights was EMQ’s very own senior engineer Dmitrii Fedoseev, exploring the potential of a well-known open-source database management system called Mnesia.

An embedded database localizing information and therefore offering substantial read throughput, Mnesia has been a driving force for EMQX-powered horizontal scalability in low-latency MQTT message brokering.

EMQX is leveraging Mnesia’s capabilities to maintain blazing IoT message speed locally and remotely. The result is Mria, an open-source extension to Mnesia that adds eventual consistency to the cluster.


Dmitrii was so proud to share with his community the findings of what could easily be the starting point for a new model of advanced coding and testing techniques. He also went into detail on beneficial overviews of lock-free programming in Erlang and model checking with Concuerror.

More importantly – the fellowship, togetherness, enthusiasm, that fire of collaboration we often don’t get to see in the developer community was very much front and center, as EMQX CTO Zaiming Shi stated:

“The EMQX project itself is an open-source project…. Very much engaged in the programming community.”

The Live CodeBEAM Conference

A true understatement coming from Zaiming, no doubt.

It was, simply put: a quiet, introspective, and truly intellectual celebration of what the future may hold.

The Live CodeBEAM Conference

Left to right: EMQX CTO Zaiming Shi, EMQ senior engineer Kjell Winblad, EMQ principal engineer Dmitrii Fedoseev, engineering manager Ivan Dyachkov