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Inovonics Implements EMQX Cloud for Its Wireless Emergency Response and Senior Care Infrastructure

Oct 25, 2022

Inovonics Implements EMQX Cloud for Its Wireless Emergency Response and Senior Care Infrastructure

EMQ is excited to announce that Inovonics Wireless Corporation, an industry leading manufacturer of wireless life-safety products, will begin using EMQX Cloud to communicate location, event, and device health data in their new mobile duress and senior living community product infrastructure. EMQX Cloud is a fully managed MQTT service designed by EMQ to support distributed messaging for IoT applications that require high operational reliability and scalability.

Lalit Pandit, Vice President of Engineering at Inovonics commented, “Inovonics’ cloud capabilities, including fall detection and precise floor and room location, enable care givers and security personnel to reach people faster during a crisis. In these situations, when minutes or seconds can make the difference, Inovonics needs to be sure it’s delivering the highest speed and reliability possible. We’re confident that moving our device communications to EMQX Cloud will help us do exactly that.”

At its core, EMQX Cloud is a high-performance MQTT 5.0 messaging server, fully compliant with scalability features such as shared subscriptions. It can support 100M simultaneous connections per cluster at 1M messages per second and sub-millisecond latency. Additionally, EMQX Cloud ensures seamless communication for mission-critical IoT devices with major public cloud infrastructure. With a SQL-based rules engine and 40+ native integrations such as Kafka, MongoDB, and InfluxDB, it is also designed to simplify connectivity with backend applications.

For example, when one of Inovonics’ body worn mobile duress or senior living pendants is activated, the wearer’s location and alert status can be communicated directly to an emergency call application, central monitoring station, access control panel, or other software application, providing actionable information directly into a customer’s existing emergency response infrastructure.

Inovonics is the industry leader in mobile duress, with millions of devices in the field. With the use of Inovonics wireless locators, its solution is scalable to cover specific rooms, zones or floors with a high degree of accuracy. Senior living community products add features like automatic fall detection.

Dylan Kennedy, General Manager at EMQ said of the new agreement with Inovonics, “EMQ prides itself on offering best-in-class performance, and now Inovonics has taken that performance and put it to use to make people safer at work, school, hospital, or wherever they might spend their day. We’re glad to see our technology being used in important and innovative ways like this.”

Inovonics mobile duress and senior living community products are currently available to customers in the U.S. and Canada. They are capable of sending location alerts to popular monitoring and access systems such as Open Options and Genetec.

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Inovonics is the industry leader in reliable wireless technology for life-safety applications. Inovonics provides flexible, cost-effective solutions to the senior living and commercial security markets by leveraging an extensible cloud platform, purpose-built software, APIs, dependable hardware components and unparalleled network infrastructure. Inovonics technology can be integrated into any cloud or premise-based application. For more information, visit