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Lotus Adopts EMQX MQTT Technology for Enhanced Global Vehicle Connectivity

May 10, 2024

Lotus Adopts EMQX MQTT Technology for Enhanced Global Vehicle Connectivity

MORGAN HILL, Calif., April 23, 2023EMQ, the pioneer behind the world's leading MQTT platform, is excited to announce its partnership with Lotus, a premier global manufacturer of luxury electric vehicles, known for its cutting-edge technologies. This partnership heralds the integration of the EMQX Platform into Lotus's Intelligent Connected Service Platform, marking the dawn of a new era in intelligent mobility.

Operating across China, the UK, and the EU, Lotus is committed to the luxury lifestyle electric vehicle market with a focus on pioneering next-generation automobility technologies such as electrification and digitalization. Established in 1948, Lotus has continually introduced groundbreaking technologies and designs that redefine automotive excellence. Additionally, Lotus is exploring advanced vehicle-cloud simulation and service-oriented architecture (SOA) to enhance safety, efficiency, and personalization in driving experiences.

EMQ is renowned for offering the leading MQTT platform globally, celebrated for its versatility and superior performance. Featuring QUIC transport enhancements, the EMQX Platform is optimized for exceptional Internet of Vehicles (IoV) communication, ensuring improved service quality even in areas with poor signal or intermittent connectivity loss. Designed for high-reliability and scalability, the EMQX Platform connects millions of vehicles to the cloud securely and efficiently. By seamlessly integrating telemetry data from connected vehicles with enterprise systems, big data, AI/ML, and various cloud services, the EMQX Platform plays a pivotal role in intelligent transportation applications and connected vehicle services.

The EMQX Platform leverages cloud-edge collaboration technology, real-time efficient data transmission capabilities, interoperability, and a scalable distributed cluster architecture. It also features a cross-region disaster recovery architecture for key business services. This enables Lotus to successfully manage the challenges arising from the exponential growth in data volume, variety, and stringent requirements for secure transmission in intelligent vehicle development.

Through this partnership, Lotus significantly enhances the performance and reliability of its Intelligent Connected Service Platform, improving user experiences while reducing data transmission costs. This collaboration not only supports Lotus's global market expansion but also drives digital transformation and intelligence enhancements across the automotive industry.

The EMQX Platform supports end-to-end vehicle data collection, processing, and integration with edge-cloud and backend platforms, allowing Lotus to seamlessly integrate diverse sensor data from vehicles and perform real-time analysis. This approach has enabled Lotus to develop an efficient end-to-end vehicle data loop system, greatly enhancing data processing efficiency.

The highly compatible and cross-platform EMQX Platform allows Lotus to deploy private clusters in any global region, facilitating localized data partitioning, secure transmission through anonymization and encryption, and separation of data storage and computation. With this capability, Lotus can establish a Intelligent Connected Service Platform that adheres to various national data regulations, ensuring global data security and compliance.

EMQX provides over 40 native integrations, a SQL-based rules engine, and data storage capabilities, enabling Lotus to seamlessly connect with business systems, middleware, databases, and cloud services. Offering various service deployment strategies, high availability Service Level Objectives (SLO), and data storage and computing strategies tailored to Lotus's diverse application scenarios and business needs, EMQ ensures a balance between data storage and computing costs while enhancing operational efficiency.

Furthermore, the EMQX Platform enables remote diagnostic monitoring, post-sales problem analysis, intelligent cabins, autonomous model training, and a range of automotive ecosystem applications, providing a flexible framework for intelligent automotive data management and applications.

EMQ CEO Dylan Kennedy expressed his enthusiasm about the collaboration, stating, "We are thrilled to engage in technical collaboration and exploration with Lotus. Lotus’s innovation in vehicular networking technology highlights the importance of seamless connectivity and sophisticated data processing in modern automotive systems. We are honored to collaborate with them and look forward to achieving groundbreaking advancements together." Looking ahead, EMQ will continue to advance core technologies like vehicle-cloud collaboration, edge computing, and AI, enhancing production operations and driving ongoing intelligence upgrades across the automotive, energy, and other sectors. "Our mission is to build a business that benefits the planet, and we're committed to transparently showcasing our progress every step of the way," added Kennedy.

About Lotus Technology Inc. Lotus Technology Inc. operates across China, the UK, and the EU. The company is committed to delivering luxury lifestyle battery electric vehicles, focusing on world-class R&D in next-generation automobility technologies such as electrification and digitalization. For more information about Lotus Technology Inc., please visit www.group-lotus.com.