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MaxMine Implements EMQX MQTT Platform for Near-Real-Time Mining Performance Reporting

Apr 23, 2023

MaxMine Implements EMQX MQTT Platform for Near-Real-Time Mining Performance Reporting

MORGAN HILL, Calif., April 23, 2023 — EMQ is excited to announce that MaxMine, a provider of next-generation data collection, processing, and analytics for the mining industry, is now using EMQX Enterprise Edition as its streaming edge connectivity solution. EMQX will be a key enabler for MaxMine’s MaxEdge streaming data platform, delivering near-real-time insights to its mining customers. EMQX Enterprise is EMQ’s enterprise MQTT platform at scale, designed to support distributed messaging for IoT applications that require high operational reliability and scalability.

“EMQX is a cloud-native MQTT broker solution with advanced features that meet our needs, including bridging to Kafka, persistent storage, a flexible rules engine [built-in SQL-based data processing], and a built-in MQTT authorization system,” said James Schulte, platform services lead at MaxMine. “In terms of performance, we are aiming to build a near-real-time distributed digital twin of a mine site, with EMQX providing the backbone for interdevice communications and device–cloud communications. This distributed awareness of operations will enable decentralized planning, prediction, and decision making in the field.”

How the EMQX MQTT Platform Pushes IoT Into High-Performance Data Mining

Serving surface mining fleets around the world, MaxMine is an IoT company that installs military-grade hardware sensor technology on mining equipment — from hauler trucks to excavators — to monitor cycle times, speed, fuel usage, location, and more; to detect problems like queuing or capacity concerns, and to deliver real productivity gains. Data is collected from fleet equipment, processed, and reported on using solutions like Snowflake. This data can then be reviewed for operator feedback and production optimization.

The EMQX MQTT broker allows users to reliably move and process IoT data in real time and at scale. MaxMine’s typical applications include approximately 50 connections at a mine site, but future applications could include as many as 2,000 connections. The EMQX solution is ideal because its scalability allows users like MaxMine to scale horizontally to more than 20 nodes in a single cluster, tested to support 100 million MQTT connections. Additionally, the EMQX-guaranteed sub-millisecond latency in message delivery serves MaxMine’s goal of reaching near-real-time reporting with a target latency of 200 milliseconds at the MQTT layer.

EMQ’s experience with MQTT for connected car applications made it the ideal partner to help MaxMine move from HTTP-based communications. A flexible IoT protocol based on a publish-subscribe model, MQTT is one of the best protocols for IoV applications like MaxMine’s and has been successfully implemented in many of these applications. This protocol can ensure real-time and reliable messaging in complex network environments like those found at mine sites.

MaxMine operates at open-cut mine sites with clients among listed multinational mining companies and leading local operators in Australia and Africa.

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About MaxMine

MaxMine is a technology solution for open-pit mine sites. MaxMine’s suite of products captures, processes, and analyzes vast amounts of operational data to deliver significant productivity gains and improved performance, specifically in load and haul operations. MaxMine increases tons through trusted data, giving confidence in operational decisions and facilitating execution through gamification of operator performance. MaxMine has offices in Australia and South Africa.