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Loosely-coupled Modularity

Design based on decoupled modular plugin architecture. Each plugin works independently and has its own specific capability of service. SDK is provided for user custom plugins.

Diverse Industry Connectivity

Offer extensive and diverse southbound industry connectivity plugins for building automation, CNC machines, Robotics, Electricity, various PLCs and even smart sensors.

Unified DataOps

Act as an EoN node of Sparkplug unified industrial architecture via EMQX, eliminating the complexity for ERP, MES, SCADA and historian to access the device data.

Better Integration

Integrate better with IIoT platform and analytic software into private cloud, EMQX Cloud, AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, or on-premise server via northbound MQTT or API.

Portable Deployment

Deploy flexibly as native executable in limited resource hardware, or in a docker container that running with other co-located applications in K8s or KubeEdge environment.

AI/ML Analytics

Integrate with eKuiper streaming SQL process engine to implement edge side AI/ML analytics and control logic, and store the filtered industrial data in local time series database.

Pluggable Modules

Expand more northbound data processing function services and southbound communication drivers through more pluggable modules.

Neuron Module 1
Neuron Module 2
Neuron Module 3
Neuron Module 4
Neuron Module 5
Neuron Module 6
Neuron Module 7
Neuron Module 8
Neuron Module 9
Neuron Module 10

Integration with EMQX

To extend edge-native, stream processing, AI/ML analytic, data persistence and more capabilities via integrating with EMQX products

Integration with EMQX


docs Documentation

Installation guide

Learn how to install the Neuron software package on a Linux system device.

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docs Blog

Bridging KNX Data to MQTT: Introduction and Hands-on Tutorial

In this blog, we introduced the KNX protocol and demonstrated the overall process of bridging KNX data to MQTT using Neuron.

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