Test purpose

Test the performance of EMQX Enterprise single node in a scenario of 100,000 concurrent connections and bridging 100,000 QoS 1, payload 1KB messages per second to Kafka, and get the performance indicators, such as response time, CPU and memory usage.

Test config and tools

Test environment: VPC of Public Cloud Beijing 4 Test tool: XMeter Enterprise v3.2.0

Test machine configuration of EMQX and Kafka

Test machine configuration of EMQX and Kafka


As shown in the above results, the EMQX on a 32C64G machine can support 100,000 concurrent connections and 100,000 messages with QoS 1 and payload of 1kB per second bridged and forwarded to Kafka. During the traffic period, the CPU usage (user) ranges from 62% to 69%, with an average CPU of 65%; and CPU idle ranges from 12% to 23%, with an average of 20%.

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