EMQ is dedicated to solving the problem of connecting, moving, processing, storing and analyzing massive IoT data by developing open-source infrastructure software.

Over the years of delivering IoT infrastructure software for enterprises, we have found that enterprises mostly build single IoT applications in a scenario-first manner. However, with the gradual maturity of IoT technology, the data generated by massive devices in the IoT era provides a richer data base for enterprise digitization. As the data generation subjects shift from human behavior to device state, the IoT era will face more real-time stream data, and its volume will expand from TB level in the mobile Internet era to PB or even EB level.

There is no doubt that enterprises should rethink the logic of IoT application and business. With "data" as the center, on the basis of merging IoT data and traditional TP data, they can flexibly build diversified and innovative business to achieve digitalization, real-time and intelligent transformation.

In this white paper, EMQ proposes a new paradigm of data infrastructure architecture - Data Infrastructure for IoT. According to the paradigm and the “IoT-Oriented” design principle, EMQ provides a portfolio including EMQX, a cloud-native distributed MQTT broker, HStreamDB, a cloud-native streaming database, eKuiper, an edge lightweight IoT data streaming/analytics engine and Neuron, an industrial protocol gateway software for IoT edge, which helps complete the data chain from sensing and collection to information conversion.

Reader Benefits

  • Understand the key trends of digital transformation and the paradigm shift in data processing in the IoT era
  • Understand the characteristics of IoT-oriented data infrastructure architecture
  • Learn how to unify the "connecting, moving, processing and analyzing" of IoT data through a portfolio of products under the Data Infrastructure for IoT architecture paradigm

EMQ will work with the industry to meet the key business challenges of the IoT era, enabling business innovation and value creation.

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