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By August 16, 2023, Google Cloud IoT Core will no longer be available. All IoT Core users must migrate their applications to alternative IoT services before this date to ensure uninterrupted service for their business.

As an official Google Cloud Certified Partner, EMQ provides two products to aid in the migration process: EMQX Cloud, a fully managed MQTT cloud service; and EMQX Enterprise, an enterprise MQTT platform at scale for private deployment. These solutions boast robust support for extensive connections of IoT devices, as well as reliable message transfer, processing, and storage with exceptional scalability and stability, making them optimal choices for users migrating from Google Cloud IoT Core.

This handbook is designed to offer clear, easy-to-understand, and actionable guidance to existing Google Cloud IoT Core users, providing the migration plan based on the aforementioned EMQX Cloud. Users can utilize this handbook to evaluate their business, select the most suitable solution, and follow the comprehensive steps provided to successfully migrate their services.

Following the completion of migration, users will continue to enjoy Google Cloud's other services while also leveraging the benefits of EMQ's products for their IoT business.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Investigation and Evaluation
  • Migration Planning
  • Step-by-Step Migration
  • Replacing GCP IoT Core with EMQX Cloud Dedicated
  • Summary