The Most Trusted MQTT Platform for loV and Connected Cars →

In the world of IoT, MQTT (Message Queuing Telemetry Transport) has long been recognized as a lightweight, publish-subscribe messaging protocol ideally suited for IoT deployments. Its ability to handle vast amounts of data with minimal overhead and low latency has made it a preferred choice among developers and organizations striving to enable real-time, bidirectional communication between IoT devices and backend systems.

To harness the full potential of MQTT in the modern cloud-native landscape, organizations are turning to Kubernetes, the industry-standard container orchestration platform. Kubernetes provides the scalability, resilience, and flexibility required to manage and deploy MQTT brokers and clients efficiently in a dynamic and often unpredictable IoT environment.

This eBook serves as a comprehensive guide to running MQTT on Kubernetes, offering insights into the merging of these two powerful technologies. It explores the challenges and opportunities of deploying MQTT brokers and clients in a Kubernetes cluster and provides practical solutions and best practices to ensure seamless, reliable, and highly available MQTT communication.

Let's explore how these technologies can work together to drive the next wave of innovation in the IoT landscape.