• EMQX Cloud benefits and features
  • MQTT protocol advantages
  • Getting started with EMQX Cloud
  • Demo: EMQX Cloud in an IoT scenario
  • Process and stream data to MySQL and Kafka

High Performance, Easy-to-Deploy Message Broker

  • High capacity and low latency
    • Tested at 10 million connections
    • Millions of messages per second
    • Latency<100ms (<10msQoS0)
  • Fast deployment – setup in just a few clicks
  • Easy to manage – we do the work for you
  • Payasyougo–payforwhatyouneed
  • Cloud native
  • Fully managed v3.1.1 and v5.0 MQTT broker service
  • Other supported protocols include, MQTT-SN, CoAP, LwM2M

IoT Sensor

IoT Sensor

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